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Whether you’re patiently looking forward to all-new episodes in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series revival starting February 21, 2020, or perhaps find yourself one of the remaining Star Wars fans who has always meant to dive into the award-winning animated series, now that the series is streaming on Disney+ it’s the perfect time to watch (or rewatch) Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

StarWars.com kicked off its rewatch in 2018 in celebration of the series’ 10th anniversary and you can join in every Thursday as we chronicle our chronological rewatch of the entire series and film! Watch along with us, share your thoughts on your favorite moments, characters, and story arcs, and read our recaps breaking down each episode and its ties to the saga and beyond.

For the uninitiated, the animated series takes place between the films Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, documenting the period of civil war between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance, a rebellious group of independent systems led by a fallen Jedi and his mysterious, shadowy master. At this point in the timeline, the Galactic Republic has led the galaxy in democracy for over a thousand years, with the help of a small group of Jedi Knights to help maintain order. Now, with an army of clone troopers at their disposal and the growing necessity to fight back against the invaders, the peacekeepers of the galaxy become the generals of the new war.

As Master Yoda says just before the massive Republic army is revealed in Attack of the Clones, “The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the Clone War has…”

When it debuted in 2008, Star Wars: The Clone Wars sought to explore the rich world of characters and conflicts, deeply personal sacrifices, alliances and betrayals at play during the galaxy-shifting war. Through it all, we were introduced to new favorite characters like Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan Ahsoka Tano and got a deeper appreciation for the people and planets caught in the middle of the war, including the regular citizens, the Jedi Knights, and the clones themselves.

Here are the episodes we’ve rewatched so far:

1: “Cat and Mouse” (Season Two, Episode 16)

2: “The Hidden Enemy” (Season One, Episode 16)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars theatrical release (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)

3: “Clone Cadets” (Season Three, Episode 1)

4: “Supply Lines” (Season Three, Episode 3)

5: “Ambush” (Season One, Episode 1)

6: “Rising Malevolence” (Season One, Episode 2)

7: “Shadow of Malevolence” (Season One, Episode 3)

8: “Destroy Malevolence” (Season One, Episode 4)

9: “Rookies” (Season One, Episode 5)

10: “Downfall of a Droid” (Season One, Episode 6)

11: “Duel of the Droids(Season One, Episode 7)

12: “Bombad Jedi” (Season One, Episode 8)

13: “Cloak of Darkness” (Season One, Episode 9)

14: “Lair of Grievous” (Season One, Episode 10)

15: “Dooku Captured” (Season One, Episode 11)

16: “The Gungan General” (Season One, Episode 12)

17: “Jedi Crash” (Season One, Episode 13)

18: “Defenders of Peace”(Season One, Episode 14)

19: “Trespass” (Season One, Episode 15)

20: “Blue Shadow Virus” (Season One, Episode 17)

21: “Mystery of a Thousand Moons” (Season One, Episode 18)

22: “Storm Over Ryloth” (Season One, Episode 19)

23“Innocents of Ryloth” (Season One, Episode 20)

24: “Liberty on Ryloth” (Season One, Episode 21)

25: “Holocron Heist” (Season Two, Episode 1)

26: “Cargo of Doom” (Season Two, Episode 2)

27: “Children of the Force” (Season Two, Episode 3)

28: “Bounty Hunters” (Season Two, Episode 17)

29: “The Zillo Beast” (Season Two, Episode 18)

30: “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back” (Season Two, Episode 19)

31: “Senate Spy” (Season Two, Episode 4)

32: “Landing at Point Rain” (Season Two, Episode 5)

33: “Weapons Factory” (Season Two, Episode 6)

34: “Legacy of Terror” (Season Two, Episode 7)

35: “Brain Invaders” (Season Two, Episode 8)

36: “Grievous Intrigue” (Season Two, Episode 9)

37: “The Deserter” (Season Two, Episode 10)

38: “Lightsaber Lost” (Season Two, Episode 11)

39: “The Mandalore Plot” (Season Two, Episode 12)

40: “Voyage of Temptation” (Season Two, Episode 13)

41: “Duchess of Mandalore” (Season Two, Episode 14)

42: “Death Trap” (Season Two, Episode 20)

43: “R2 Come Home” (Season Two, Episode 21)

44: “Lethal Trackdown” (Season Two, Episode 22)

45: “Corruption” (Season Three, Episode 5)

46: “The Academy” (Season Three, Episode 6)

47: “Assassin” (Season Three, Episode 7)

48: “ARC Troopers” (Season Three, Episode 2)

49: “Sphere of Influence” (Season Three, Episode 4)

50: “Evil Plans” (Season Three, Episode 8)

51: “Hostage Crisis” (Season One, Episode 22)

52: “Hunt for Ziro” (Season Three, Episode 9)

53: “Heroes on Both Sides” (Season Three, Episode 10)

54: “Pursuit of Peace” (Season Three, Episode 11)

55: “Senate Murders” (Season Two, Episode 15)

56: “Nightsisters” (Season Three, Episode 12)

57: “Monster” (Season Three, Episode 13)

58: “Witches of the Mist” (Season Three, Episode 14)

59: “Overlords” (Season Three, Episode 15)

60: “Altar of Mortis” (Season Three, Episode 16)

61: “Ghosts of Mortis” (Season Three, Episode 17)

62: “The Citadel” (Season Three, Episode 18)

63: “Counterattack” (Season Three, Episode 19)

64: “Citadel Rescue” (Season Three, Episode 20)

65:“Padawan Lost” (Season Three, Episode 21)

66: “Wookiee Hunt” (Season Three, Episode 22)

67: “Water War” (Season Four, Episode 1)

68: “Gungan Attack” (Season Four, Episode 2)

69: “Prisoners” (Season Four, Episode 3)

70: “Shadow Warrior” (Season Four, Episode 4)

71: “Mercy Mission” (Season Four, Episode 5)

72: “Nomad Droids” (Season Four, Episode 6)

73: “Darkness on Umbara” (Season Four, Episode 7)

74: “The General” (Season Four, Episode 8)

75: “Plan of Dissent” (Season Four, Episode 9)

76: “Carnage of Krell” (Season Four, Episode 19)

77: “Kidnapped” (Season Four, Episode 11)

78: “Slaves of the Republic” (Season Four, Episode 12)

79: “Escape from Kadavo” (Season Four, Episode 13)

80: “A Friend in Need” (Season Four, Episode 14)

81: “Deception” (Season Four, Episode 15)

82: “Friends and Enemies” (Season Four, Episode 16)

83: “The Box” (Season Four, Episode 17)

84: “Crisis on Naboo” (Season Four, Episode 18)

85: “Massacre” (Season Four, Episode 19)

86: “Bounty” (Season Four, Episode 20)

87: “Brothers” (Season Four, Episode 21)

88: “Revenge” (Season Four, Episode 22)

89: “A War on Two Fronts” (Season Five, Episode 2)

90: “Front Runners” (Season Five, Episode 3)

91: “The Soft War” (Season Five, Episode 4)

92: “Tipping Points” (Season Five, Episode 5)

93: “The Gathering” (Season Five, Episode 6)

94: “A Test of Strength” (Season Five, Episode 7)

95: “Bound for Rescue” (Season Five, Episode 8)

96: “A Necessary Bond” (Season Five, Episode 9)

97: “Secret Weapons” (Season Five, Episode 10)

98: “A Sunny Day in the Void” (Season Five, Episode 11)

99: “Missing in Action” (Season Five, Episode 12)

100: “Point of No Return” (Season Five, Episode 13)

101: “Revival” (Season Five, Episode 1)

102: “Eminence” (Season Five, Episode 14)

103: “Shades of Reason” (Season Five, Episode 15)

104: “The Lawless” (Season Five, Episode 16)

105: “Sabotage” (Season Five, Episode 17)

106: “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much” (Season Five, Episode 18)

107: “To Catch a Jedi” (Season Five, Episode 19)

108: “The Wrong Jedi” (Season Five, Episode 20)

109: “The Unknown” (Season Six, Episode 1)

110: “Conspiracy” (Season Six, Episode 2)

111: “Fugitive” (Season Six, Episode 3)

112: “Orders” (Season Six, Episode 4)

113: “An Old Friend” (Season Six, Episode 5)

114: “The Rise of Clovis” (Season Six, Episode 6)

115: “Crisis at the Heart” (Season Six, Episode 7)

116: “The Disappeared” (Season Six, Episode 8)

117: “The Disappeared” Part II (Season Six, Episode 9)

118: “The Lost One” (Season Six, Episode 10)

119: “Voices” (Season Six, Episode 11)

120: “Destiny” (Season Six, Episode 12)

121: Sacrifice” (Season Six, Episode 13)

122: “Gone with a Trace” (Season Seven, Episode 5)

123: “Deal No Deal” (Season Seven, Episode 6)

124: “Dangerous Debt” (Season Seven, Episode 7)

125: “Together Again” (Season Seven, Episode 8)

126: “The Bad Batch” (Season Seven, Episode 1)

127: “A Distant Echo” (Season Seven, Episode 2)

128: “On the Wings of Keeradaks” (Season Seven, Episode 3)

129: “Unfinished Business” (Season Seven, Episode 4)

130: “Old Friends Not Forgotten” (Season Seven, Episode 9)

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