The Clone Wars Rewatch: Just “A Sunny Day in the Void”

A fresh perspective gives Colonel Gascon the hope he needs to survive in a wasteland.

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98: “A Sunny Day in the Void” (Season Five, Episode 11)

“When all seems hopeless, a true hero gives hope.”


Droids on Abafar

After a comet damages their shuttle, R2-D2, Colonel Gascon, and the other droids crash on a desolate planet where they must make their way across a bewildering expanse of emptiness to carry out their mission.


The desolate desert of Abafar feels like a vast wasteland, and Colonel Gascon is slowly losing his mind over it.

R2-D2 on Abafar

As soon as they crash, R2-D2 subtly and swiftly takes control of the situation, securing the module and preparing to venture off into the unknown. Call it programming, but I think the little astromech is also operating on instinct, or at least experiential knowledge gleaned from his service during the war.

And in the end, its the instincts of a friendly species of native creatures that saves Gascon’s skin.

Gascon Abafar

He was on the verge of giving up, lying there in the desert whining about how “death is the only certainty,” when he realized he had to shift his perspective or most certainly meet his end. After stomping around proclaiming his superiority thanks to his rank, so sure he was nothing like the droids he was leading, Gascon was essentially saved by the biological programming of those creatures who led him to water. His training and his rank certainly couldn’t save his life.

Pons Ora

And wouldn’t you know it — Artoo and the rest of the astromechs were already there.

alien skeleton concept art


  • An unidentified alien skeleton seen in the crashed ship in this episode has a strong resemblance to Jaxxon, a character only seen in Star Wars comics.

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