The Clone Wars Rewatch: Desperate “To Catch a Jedi”

Ahsoka makes an unlikely ally in another apprentice who understands what it's like to be wronged.

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107: “To Catch a Jedi” (Season Five, Episode 19)

“Never become desperate enough to trust the untrustworthy.”

A scene from "To Catch a Jedi"


The fugitive Ahsoka escapes to the criminal depths of Coruscant.


“These are strange times,” as Ventress says.

You know Ahsoka Tano is feeling hopeless when she’s prepared to turn to Asajj Ventress for help, but she’s desperate for answers to clear her name.

A scene from "To Catch a Jedi"

Even though the Jedi Council believes she may have committed the crime, Yoda still sees Ahsoka compassionately as a lost child. But the further down she goes, — running in the lower levels of the Coruscant underworld far below the surface, in league with former Sith apprentice Ventress, and finally caught in an old munitions factory surrounded by boxes of nano-droids — the worse it seems for poor Ahsoka.

A scene from "To Catch a Jedi"

Ahsoka and Ventress aren’t so different after all. Two former apprentices given a raw deal by the Republic and the war. But while Ventress’s master, Count Dooku, left her for dead, Anakin Skywalker is at least trying to track down Ahsoka because he believes in her innocence.

What Ahsoka has learned from Barriss Offee is that the Jedi are no longer as pure as they once sought to be. The peacekeepers of the galaxy have fallen so far from their ideals, driving one of their own to commit such atrocities against the sacred ground where they study, and the Jedi, soldiers, and innocent civilians inside. And for what? To frame Ahsoka and prove the point that even the right hand of The Chosen One himself could be corrupted?

A scene from "To Catch a Jedi"

Back in the custody of the Jedi, Ahsoka’s situation seems dire. But despite the mounting evidence, Anakin Skywalker still cannot — and will not — believe that his Padawan is to blame for these crimes.

Trivia from "To Catch a Jedi"


  • This episode marks the first appearance of a live tooka cat in the Star Wars animated series. The creatures would make frequent appearances in Star Wars Rebels and were most recently brought to life in The Mandalorian.

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