The Clone Wars Rewatch: A “Hostage Crisis” at the Senate

Can Anakin and Padmé keep their relationship a secret?

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the all-new episodes coming thanks to #CloneWarsSaved, we’re undertaking a full chronological rewatch of the five original seasons, The Lost Missions, and the theatrical release. We’d be honored if you would join us and share your thoughts on the award-winning series.

51: “Hostage Crisis” (Season One, Episode 22)

“A secret shared is a trust formed.”

Bounty hunter Cad Bane receives a holographic message from Chancellor Palpatine.


In an attempt to force the release of Ziro the Hutt from prison, bounty hunters seize control of the Senate building and hold politicians hostage. With the help of bounty hunter Aurra Sing, Cad Bane issues his demands to Chancellor Palpatine.

A scene from "Hostage Crisis."


A Jedi’s weapon is his life and although Anakin’s gesture here — giving his lightsaber to Padmé as a symbol of his devotion — is romantic and sweet, ultimately it’s a terrible idea.

A scene from "Hostage Crisis."

For one thing, when Padmé has to finally come clean about having the lightsaber it opens up a multitude of questions, casting a spotlight on their secret union in a way that invites far too much scrutiny.

A scene from "Hostage Crisis."

And when Anakin needs his weapon the most, with the Senate building under siege and communications jammed, it’s a pretty bad time to find himself without it. By laying down his guard to prove his attachment, he leaves himself nearly defenseless.

A scene from "Hostage Crisis." A scene from "Hostage Crisis."

Luckily, inside the Jedi is still that young boy who could build his mother a droid, fix pretty much anything, and had the reflexes to enter the Boonta Eve Classic. Anakin’s ingenuity shines as he essentially hotwires a communicator to reach Chancellor Palpatine. But even his sharp Jedi reflexes are no match for three highly trained bounty hunters.

A scene from "Hostage Crisis."

Padmé, to her credit, is also a quick thinker, severing Anakin’s binders with his own blade before handing back the lightsaber. He trusts her with his life, and when he’s shackled and unconscious, it’s lucky he has her there to protect him.

A scene from "Hostage Crisis."

Their secret remains safe, and Anakin springs into action just in time to hatch the kind of crazy Anakin plan that is just bonkers enough to work — cutting a hole through the floor just as an explosion is touched off right in the spot where the politicians and the Jedi were standing seconds before.

As public servants, Padmé and Anakin have both sworn their lives to protect the powerless and serve the Republic. But in this case, it’s really their devotion to each other that allows them to work together and make it out of this hostage crisis alive.


  • The bounty hunter and expert slicer Robonino almost had a more honorable calling. The character is based off an unused Iain McCaig concept design for an alien Jedi.

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