The Clone Wars Rewatch: A Clone “Missing in Action”

Is Gregor a humble dishwasher or a lost soldier?

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99: “Missing in Action” (Season Five, Episode 12)

“A soldier’s most powerful weapon is courage.”

Gregor in The Clone Wars "Missing in Action"


In a nearly vacant town, R2-D2 and his team find a clone commando suffering from amnesia.

Droids in The Clone Wars "Missing in Action"


This place reminds Artoo of Tatooine, and his friend WAC-47 sounds an awful lot like C-3PO. That seems to make Gregor akin to Luke Skywalker in this analogous tale of a young man who longs for something more than a simple life.

Or perhaps it’s more fitting to compare Gregor to Anakin Skywalker, himself a slave unaware of his potential and strength, toiling for a master who showed him little compassion.

Colonel Gascon and Gregor in The Clone Wars "Missing in Action"

Reduced to eating garbage, Colonel Gascon is foraging in the trash when he first encounters the humble dishwasher Gregor, who has a kind heart and offers to help get him some proper grub. Gascon can be such a whiner, but when he needs to be he’s downright inspiring.

Gregor in The Clone Wars "Missing in Action"

By revealing the truth of Gregor’s bloodline, a proud member of the Republic’s clone forces, and his past, Gascon sets him free. Thought lost in battle but simply waylaid on this dustbowl of a planet with amnesia and the unscrupulous Borkus hiding his armor away, learning who he is gives Gregor the courage to rise up and get back to his roots.

And as a free man, Gregor provides the protection Gascon needs to finally escape the void that is Abafar, with a promise to eventually find his way back to his brothers. And he will.

Aqualish concept art


  • That surly Aqualish seen on the streets of Abafar looks an awful lot like the Kenner action figure for Walrus Man from the original film.

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