The Clone Wars Rewatch: Corruption and the “Shades of Reason”

The attack on Mandalore begins.

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103: “Shades of Reason” (Season Five, Episode 15)

“Alliances can stall true intentions.”

A scene from "Shades of Reason."


Backed by the criminal underworld, the Sith and Death Watch launch an attack on Mandalore.

A scene from "Shades of Reason."


Oh, benevolent Maul. A phrase that sounds about as trustworthy as this one: “We’re Death Watch and we’re here to rescue you.”

At the outset, Maul seems ready to sow chaos and allow Death Watch to arrest him and his thugs, turning the splinter group into saviors of Mandalore. That’s the plan, but when does anything go according to plan in Star Wars?

A scene from "Shades of Reason."

The full depth of Maul’s betrayal snaps into focus as Bo-Katan watches Pre Vizsla fall to the darksaber after a demoralizing duel with the Sith Lord. In her eyes, we see the shock, the pain, the suffering.

But he’s lost the fight as soon as Maul forces him to drop his weapon, the two warriors reduced to using their fists. From the ground, as he crawls back toward the throne, the men and women who have followed him down this path look down upon him with a mix of pity and disdain.

A scene from "Shades of Reason."

It’s hard to mourn Pre Vizsla when he was as corrupt as Maul, ready to slaughter the Zabraks as soon as Death Watch was finished with them. In bring the people of Mandalore to the brink of ruin, then leading them to a performative and orchestrated salvation, Maul and Vizsla are not unlike Palpatine himself, playing every side to win.

Yet Vizsla overplays his hand, underestimates his opponent, and is overly confident in his own abilities. At the end, beaten down and on his hands and knees, is he resigned to his fate.

A scene from "Shades of Reason."

“Only the strongest shall rule,” Vizsla says with his last breath. But wars not make one great. And Maul’s quest for power in the underworld is about to attract the attention of one very powerful and unhappy Sith master.

Minister Almec on podium


  • Prime Minister Almec addresses a crowd from a podium perched over a mural depicting Mandalorian crusaders locked in battle with the Jedi.

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