The Clone Wars Rewatch: “Conspiracy” on Kamino

One clone is brave enough to try to save his brother.

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110: “Conspiracy” (Season Six, Episode 2)

“The wise benefit from a second opinion.”

A scene from "Conspiracy"


In the sterile laboratories of Kamino, the ailing clone trooper Tup and his friend ARC Trooper Fives are quarantined for examination following Tup’s shocking murder of a Jedi Master.


Even before the discovery of Tup’s so-called tumor, the power struggle over investigating his fatal flaw — either an isolated failure, Separatist brainwashing, or a problem in the engineering — is hard to watch.

A scene from "Conspiracy"

The doctor, Nala Se, is so adept at gaslighting. She knows quite well that the root of the problem lies somewhere in the inhibitor chip carried by every clone trooper, the work of Lord Tyranus himself to supposedly safeguard against rogue Jedi. In reality it’s a switch to flip and turn even the most loyal clone soldier against the general he had followed into battle for three long years. But to keep the truth from the Republic and the Jedi, she suggests killing Tup like he’s a lab experiment gone wrong — even though he’s in perfect health otherwise! — and cutting him open to investigate on the molecular level. To Nala Se, the clones were made to be disposed of and she can’t wait to terminate Tup in the name of science.

A scene from "Conspiracy"

Jedi Master Shaak Ti, unaware of the danger lurking inside the brain of every clone, prefers a more compassionate approach in a final bid to save Tup’s life. Tup is more than a number, more than a soldier in a sea of identical troopers, at least to Shaak Ti. And perhaps it’s Fives who understands that best of all. He’s loyal to the Republic and to the brother he’s served alongside in battle. Despite the evidence to the contrary, he’ll vouch for Tup’s integrity and their dedication to duty. Tup, in his right mind, would never harm a Jedi.

A scene from "Conspiracy"

While the Jedi and the Kaminoans are busy bickering amongst themselves, it’s Fives who takes action with the help of his new friend, the medical droid AZI-3. The secret they uncover could have ended the war and saved the Jedi Order. But instead, it’s buried by conniving Palpatine.

The one glimmer of hope in all this is, oddly, in Tup’s final moments. It’s sad to see his life extinguished, but by insisting upon trying to save him, at the end Fives has given his brother peace, liberating him from a nightmare that has haunted his dreams. If nothing else, his noble actions gave his conflicted friend the next best thing to surviving. With his dying breath, he proclaims “I’m free.” Free of the torment that had plagued him. At least that’s something.

Trivia from "Conspiracy"


  • Shaak Ti helped Fives during his training, which we can see in the episode “Clone Cadets.”

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