The Clone Wars Rewatch: “A Distant Echo” of Truth

Captain Rex has learned a thing or two about loyalty thanks to Anakin Skywalker.

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127: “A Distant Echo” (Season Seven, Episode 2)

“The search for truth begins with belief.”

A scene from "A Distant Echo"


Rex, Anakin, and the Bad Batch look to uncover the truth surrounding a mysterious Separatist signal.

A scene from "A Distant Echo"


Poor Echo.

When he’s finally released from the stasis chamber, his first waking thoughts are locked in the past, dwelling on escaping from the Citadel. But that was long ago.

He was left for dead, yet somehow survived. And in the days since, his mind has been made to serve the Separatists like Wat Tambor, no longer under his own control.

A scene from "A Distant Echo"

His body has been fitted with cybernetic implants — his lower half seemingly replaced by machinery and his right arm resembling a tool one might find inside a trusty astromech. He’s quite literally more machine than man now.

A scene from "A Distant Echo"

Captain Rex has fulfilled his mission to save his friend. Thanks to Rex, Echo has a chance at freedom.

But unplugging from his unwitting enslavement will undoubtedly come with its own emotional repercussions and consequences.

Trivia from "A Distant Echo"


  • Padmé was added to this episode after the Bad Batch arc was slated for the series revival. Her character model has been updated to show she’s in the early stages of pregnancy (even though her husband doesn’t seem to notice.)

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Next up: Come back next Thursday when the rescue mission takes flight in “On the Wings of Keeradaks.”

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