The Clone Wars Rewatch: Younglings Conquer “The Gathering”

Six young Jedi face their fears and themselves in an ancient rite of passage.

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93: “The Gathering” (Season Five, Episode 6)

“He who faces himself, finds himself.”

A scene from "The Gathering."


Ahsoka escorts a group of Jedi younglings to Ilum, where they will learn from Yoda and undergo a crucial rite of passage: the construction of their lightsabers.

A scene from "The Gathering."


Man alive do I love these younglings. There is no rewatch of this episode that doesn’t end with me a little misty-eyed.

A scene from "The Gathering."

There’s a simple power in Yoda teaching the six younglings such valuable lessons by turning them loose in the crystal cave on Ilum. What’s in there? Only what they take with them.

One day they’ll be Jedi, but today they’re just starting on their journey, taking their first steps in finding the kyber crystals that will power their unique lightsabers. And to gather these precious stones, each youngling overcomes a personal hang up that helps them grow. They learn to trust in themselves, but they also learn to trust each other and work together for the betterment of the whole.

A scene from "The Gathering." A scene from "The Gathering."

Selfish Petro seems about as far from a Jedi as you can get. From the get-go, he’s racing off with only his own interests in mind. But he learns the value of selflessness and compassion during his trial, and only then does his crystal reveal itself to him.

A scene from "The Gathering."

Poor Byph is so scared and alone on the journey. With three doors to choose from, had the younglings stayed together each one would have entered with a friend. But even venturing into the icy corridor solo, Byph is able to overcome fear itself, finding the courage to face the unknown.

A scene from "The Gathering."

Luckily for Gungi, he and Ganodi walked that path together. Left to his own devices, there would have been one wet Wookiee charging in the direction of the crystal calling to him. But Ganodi has patience to spare, helping her friend strategize a plan that simply requires him to sit and wait for the right moment to strike.

A scene from "The Gathering."

On her own, fretful Ganodi doesn’t have much faith in herself. She must learn to trust in the Force, but once she does, she better understands the power of hope even in the darkest of times.

A scene from "The Gathering." A scene from "The Gathering."

Tech-savvy Zatt has confidence in Katooni, but it takes the frustrated destruction of his handheld device to get him to trust in himself instead of relying in his gadget to get by.

A scene from "The Gathering."

And Katooni, so scared of heights, finds the confidence to overcome her fears and a lesson in the power of working together to overcome a problem too big for just one. Which brings the Gathering full circle, with Petro lending a helping hand and busting through the ice door in a move worthy of a Jedi.

“The Gathering” easily stands as one of my all-time favorite episodes from The Clone Wars and with good reason. In a single episode, Yoda teaches the younglings and the fans watching from home the importance of hope, perseverance, intellect, and strength of character. And that’s a lesson as powerful as the Force itself.

A scene from "The Gathering."


  • In a rare flashback to before the Clone Wars, we see a young Ahsoka Tano being discovered by Master Plo Koon.

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