The Clone Wars Rewatch: Courage in “A Test of Strength”

Hondo, you ol' pirate.

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94: “A Test of Strength” (Season Five, Episode 7)

“The young are often underestimated.”

A scene from "A Test of Strength."


As the younglings return from Ilum with Ahsoka, their ship comes under attack by Hondo’s gang of pirates. The children must use ingenious and improvised traps to escape.

A scene from "A Test of Strength."


Wise Professor Huyang, architect and lightsaber designer, has a gravitas not unlike Jedi Master Yoda. He’s been around for centuries, helping individual younglings to create their own lightsabers. But unlike Yoda, he believes that the elegant weapons are a Jedi’s true ally.

These creations channel the Force itself to make the Jedi wielding the weapon, as he says, “strong in battle and humble in retreat.”

A scene from "A Test of Strength." A scene from "A Test of Strength."

And inside each one is a precious kyber crystal, which in this case is exactly what attracts Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang.

A scene from "A Test of Strength."

But Hondo has misjudged the younglings just as they misjudge Huyang upon initial meeting. Fresh from the Gathering, most of the younglings underestimate this droid and his ability to impart wisdom and teach them all they need to know about building their lightsabers.

A scene from "A Test of Strength." A scene from "A Test of Strength."

With their guardian, Ahsoka Tano, sucked off the ship with the invaders and now imprisoned by the dread pirate, Huyang has now become their only hope.

Or maybe not. After all, despite Ahsoka’s careful plan and multiple warnings, they’ve already demonstrated an interest in going rogue, using their own creativity to invent ways to combat the pirates. And that fearlessness will serve them well if they hope to save their leader.


  • The “Whirlwind of Destiny” was created by a young fan as part of a “Join the Jedi” contest sponsored by Hasbro. The winner, Brendon Lake, saw his idea animated into this episode and got screen credit for the idea.

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