The Clone Wars Rewatch: Echo’s “Unfinished Business”

There's no going back, but Rex's friend must find his own path forward.

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129: “Unfinished Business” (Season Seven, Episode 4)

“Trust placed in another is trust earned.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu in "Unfinished Business"


Echo hatches a plan to end the Separatist threat on Anaxes once and for all. But where do his loyalties really lie?

Echo "Unfinished Business"


You can’t blame Captain Rex for wishing everything could go back to the way it once was now that his friend Echo has returned where he belongs. But there’s no going back.

Echo has been inextricably altered physically, emotionally, and mentally. Not only does he have to readjust to the freedom to control his own actions and the responsibility of collaborating with the Republic forces, but he’s being made to prove his loyalty at every turn. Rex still trusts his friend, but almost everyone else has their doubts (and no qualms about expressing them freely.)

Echo and Tech in "Unfinished Business"

It’s only through his selfless and brave actions that Echo is able to prove he’s still a valuable and trustworthy member of the Republic’s fight. Even then, it’s clear he no longer fits among his clone brothers.

Although the clones routinely try to differentiate themselves from one another, Echo’s ordeal goes far beyond a unique tattoo or a special haircut.

The Bad Batch in "Unfinished Business"

He’s been forever changed, altered by his experience, and the only people who can begin to empathize are the members of the Bad Batch — and perhaps Anakin Skywalker himself, always an outcast among the Jedi ranks. Echo’s path is different from that of an average clone. He doesn’t fit in anymore. But with the Bad Batch, he has a chance to truly find his place in the galaxy.

Trivia from "Unfinished Business"


  • To echo the original trilogy, the war room is made to look like the command center on Yavin 4, while the Y-wings of Gold Squadron make a bombing run on the Separatist outpost, just like another squadron of bombers by the same name will do years later on the Death Star.

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