The Clone Wars Rewatch: Revenge of “The Lawless”

Darth Sidious takes an interest in events on Mandalore and you just know that won't end well.

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104: “The Lawless” (Season Five, Episode 16)

“Morality separates heroes from villains.”

A scene from "Lawless."


Using Duchess Satine as bait, Darth Maul lures Obi-Wan into a trap.


Pre Vizsla’s death was only the beginning. In rapid succession, Satine is sacrificed before Obi-Wan’s eyes, while the Jedi is left alive as a means of torment. Then Savage, the only other living being Maul seems to truly care for, is slaughtered by Maul’s former master, the deceptively agile Darth Sidious, while the former Sith apprentice is left alive as a means to another end.

A scene from "Lawless."

In her final moment, Satine gives life to the words her beloved Obi-Wan doesn’t so much as dare to whisper. Although the previous nature of their relationship is murky — Were they in love but never able to name it? Always dancing on the edge of something romantic but embroiled in their own worlds? — it has long been clear that were it not for his dedication to the Jedi Order and its beliefs, Obi-Wan’s attachments would have led him to the Duchess.

In many ways, Satine’s neutrality is her undoing. The Republic cannot and will not get involved in a planetary matter for a system that doesn’t fall under its jurisdiction. But even forced to go it alone, Obi-Wan cannot and will not sit by while Satine is made to suffer.

A scene from "Lawless."

It’s also the perfect execution of Palpatine’s machinations. At the start of the arc we see the Chancellor dismissing the resurgence of the Sith as a personal matter. That sets the stage for Obi-Wan to go it alone both against Maul and Savage and when Mandalore — poor neutral Mandalore — gets caught in the crossfire.

A scene from "Lawless."

Of course, Palpatine’s plot includes setting his former apprentice straight before this episode is over. After cutting down the brutish Savage, Palpatine tosses Maul around like a rag doll, leaving him begging for his life.

So much pain and bloodshed, so many different responses to facing certain death. Pre Vizsla greeted it like a warrior. Satine used her final moments to speak of love. Savage spent his last breath essentially apologizing for his failure.

And Maul? Like Obi-Wan, it’s not yet time for him to meet his end. But there are some fates worse than death.

A scene from "Lawless."


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