Open Alex Maleev’s Lando Sketchbook, Part 2

The veteran artist discusses his work on Marvel's upcoming series -- starring Cloud City's ol' smoothie!

This July, Star Wars: Lando will make history as the first true spotlight comic series for the infamous — and suave — gambler-turned-Rebel hero. Artist Alex Maleev joins writer Charles Soule on the project, a sure enough cause for celebration, as well as an exclusive look at Maleev’s art for the book and a brief Q&A continued here from (In case you missed it, be sure to check out part one of this interview!) Alex, in visual terms, who is Lando Calrissian to you? He’s known for his smile and his style — is there more to him than that?

Alex Maleev: That’s a question for Charles. Visually I follow his appearance from the movies, with small costume changes. Okay, so, beyond Lando himself, what other characters in the book have really made it enjoyable for you, and why?

Alex Maleev: Papa Toren is my favorite character in the book so far. I am not sure if I can reveal information about him, but he makes an entry in the book with two of his little creatures/guards.

Marvel's Lando #1 preview page by Alex Maleev How have you approached layouts on Lando, as opposed to, say, how you would approach a super hero book?

Alex Maleev: Same thing, I play by the script. Rules still apply as in any other gig. The story revolves around the theft of a ship — do you enjoy drawing the ships and droids and mechanical stuff of the Star Wars universe?

Alex Maleev: Boy, that’s the most difficult part, [because] we have tons of new environments, even within the ship’s boundaries. That has been the toughest task on the book for me. Mind you, I am used to fire escapes and dark alleys.
Marvel's Lando #1 preview page by Alex Maleev Some Star Wars artists say they play the film soundtracks while drawing — are you doing anything special to get you into that Star Wars groove?

Alex Maleev: Yes, kicking everybody out of the studio. I listen to talk-radio in the mornings, some podcasts in the afternoon, and music at night. My son plays the Star Wars themes on his piano all the time, even when I am trying not to think about work. Lastly, if you had a choice, what one other Star Wars character would you love to draw in their own series?

Alex Maleev: Jar Jar Binks, of course.

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