10 Great Food Scenes In Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Slime pod, anyone? Check out some of the best food-related moments in Star Wars animation.

Meals have always been focal points in Star Wars storytelling. The first two films of each trilogy all include meals at home or with family members. Return of the Jedi includes even more “exotic” dining occasions, including the averted Ewok feast and the rancor and Sarlacc feedings (if we can consider them “food scenes”). Animated Star Wars is no less a culinary adventure. Both Star wars Rebels and The Clone Wars are rife with food scenes. Through the course we also discover the galaxy’s universal love of fruit and nunas. The following are our favorite food scenes…

Ezra with a meiloorun

10. Food Fight

In Fighter Flight” (Star Wars Rebels, S102), Hera has had enough of Zeb and Ezra’s antics and sends them on a fool’s errand to buy meiloorun fruit — which doesn’t actually grow on Lothal (this orange and yellow spiked fruit looks a little like a real-world Kiwano melon). Though they do meet her expectations by staying out all day on the errand, they get in much more trouble than anyone bargained for. In one scene, their discovery of a crate of meilooruns in the market gets them chased by the Empire. Ezra later comes upon another crate of meilooruns and hurls them at stormtroopers aboard a troop transport.

This isn’t the first time that an entire Star Wars TV episode revolves around fruit (more on “Evil Plans” later). It may surprise you, however, that this isn’t the first time we’ve actually seen meilooruns either. During The Clone Wars, Jawa venders on Tatooine also sell them, along with other fruit commonly seen on Lothal.

Hera and Azmorigan

9. Slaver, Villain, Fruit-lover

In Idiot’s Array” (Star Wars Rebels, S109), Hera is left captive aboard a slaver ship with its revolting owner, Azmorigan. It just happens to be the villain’s mealtime, so Hera uses the opportunity to get Azmorigan alone by serving him dinner. Once his henchmen leave the room, she knocks him out and escapes from the ship.

Azmorigan sure loves fruit! His platter includes jogans and several other delights. One large, spikey fruit resembles a odorous real-world fruit from Southeast Asia called a durian. Another resembles a pinkish-red dragon fruit, though the inner flesh is more like a white peach. In the real world their outer rinds are not edible and take much care to peel, but such realism would undoubtedly be inconvenient to show onscreen.

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi

8. Captive Guests

In Dooku Captured” (The Clone Wars, S111), we are introduced to Hondo Ohnaka and his band of Weequay pirates. He is visited by Anakin and Obi-Wan, who hope to acquire the captive Count Dooku from Hondo. When they arrive at the pirate haven, they find a bar-like atmosphere with pop music, dancing, and pirates lounging about. Tables are spread with purple jogans and a fruit resembling real-world green coconuts. Hondo’s pet Kowakian monkey lizard is serving drinks to the drunken pirates.

In a second scene at the end of the episode, the sneaky Hondo offers the Jedi drinks of the bright green ale. They will of course wake up in the next episode to find that they have been drugged and are now cellmates with Dooku!

These drinking scenes are important, not only because they segue into the next episode, but they also shed light on Weequay pirate culture and their debauchery between acts of piracy.

Zeb Orrelios and Ezra Bridger

7. Waffling Around

In Out of Darkness” (Star Wars Rebels, S105), Zeb is seated alone in the Ghost’s galley, relishing the smells of a bowl of space waffles. Ezra and Chopper barge in the room, horsing around, and knock the waffles all over Zeb, providing a bit of comedy and the setting for Hera’s distress call to interrupt them.

Space Waffles are first introduced in “Fighter Flight” (S102), where they appear on Hera’s grocery list, which includes a meiloorun melon and unappetizing-sounding items like “science dip,” and “riding ham.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi and spider-assassin droid

6. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

In Voyage of Temptation” (The Clone Wars, S213), Duchess Satine takes a trip from Mandalore to Coruscant accompanied by Senators Orn Free Taa, Onaconda Farr, Tal Merrik, and Kin Robb. During their journey, they gather for a meal of deep-fried nuna legs and what resembles real-world mashed potatoes, tofu cubes, and sliced tomatoes. It is definitely an odd-looking meal for dignitaries, but future episodes will prove this menu is quite popular across the galaxy!

The three men go straight for the meat while Kin Robb settles on the vegetarian options, The duchess doesn’t eat anything at all. The treacherous Tal Merrik uses the meal as a distraction while his spider-like assassin probes make their way from the cargo bay into the dining room in an effort to assassinate Satine.

Jar Jar Binks and Bail Organa

5. Dinner Theater

In Supply Lines” (The Clone Wars, S303), Jar Jar Binks is a guest at a dinner hosted by the Toydarians on their homeworld. The other guests are the Nemoidian Lott Dodd and his Trade Federation cronies. It appears Duchess Satine of Mandalore shares Toydarian tastes, because her gold-and-ivory dishes appear at this dinner as well, offering the same meal of deep fried nuna legs, sliced “tomatoes,” and food-cubes. Also served are smooth gray-skinned fruits of all sizes, including the galactic favorite: jogan fruit. The floating, rotating dinner table is appropriate for the Toydarians, who spend much of their time hovering in flight.

During the meal, Jar Jar must distract the Nemoidians from noticing a secret Republic shipment out the window. He employs an elaborate balancing act to get their attention, thus revealing a surprising secret skill for such a clumsy Gungan!

Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker

4. Cake-toppers

In Evil Plans” (The Clone Wars, S308), Padmé Amidala hosts a party for fellow senators Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Kin Robb, Aang, and others. No high-society dinner party would be complete without the ubiquitous deep-fried nuna legs, sliced tomato-like vegetables, and food cubes served on the same gold and ivory dishes popular around the galaxy.

Padmé wants to impress Senator Aang, whose vote she needs on the Military Oversight Committee. Knowing the best way to a Roonan male’s heart is through one of his stomachs, she plans to serve his favorite food — jogan fruit cake. Alas, Padmé has no jogans today, so she sends C-3PO on a misadventure to buy those ever-popular purple fruits with spidery white veins. C-3PO find them in the market sold in canisters of four, but is duped into paying double their going rate.

The episode is notable both for revolving around food (and forever putting jogans on the Star Wars menu) and serving as a prequel to “Hostage Crisis” and “Hunt for Ziro,” which of course aired out of chronological order.

Obi-Wan Kenobi with Rako Hardeen disguise

3. Prison Food

In Deception” (The Clone Wars, S415), a pair of pivotal scenes take place at mealtime in the mess haul of the Coruscant prison. In the first scene, Obi-Wan, disguised as bounty hunter Rako Hardeen, lines up at a food dispenser. His meal is less-than-appetizing! A large plop of something that looks like yellowy mashed potatoes lands on his tray beside a motley clutch of colorful scraps. Are they pasta? Chips? The boiled guts of womp rats? Either way, they don’t look so great!

There are quite a few notable characters in these scenes, including a shark-like Karkarodon inmate (the second instance of this species after Riff Tamson, earlier this season), and several rodent-like Lutrillians (originally created as a Mos Eisley character in A New Hope). Additionally there are several easy-to-miss blue-gray-skinned male inmates in the background. Could they be Chiss?

This setting provides a perfect opportunity for the insidious Moralo Eval to introduce himself to Obi-Wan/Hardeen. Later, Cad Bane uses the same chaotic prison dinner occasion to put Boba Fett and Bossk to work, creating a distraction and allowing the criminals to escape.

Mama Hutt

2. Home for Dinner

In Hunt for Ziro” (The Clone Wars, S309), Ziro the Hutt visits his “Mama” at her cozy swamp home on Nal Hutta. He arrives at mealtime as the matriarch’s droid attendants are serving “slime pods” and food dispensers are slowly oozing what looks like rotting garbage from above. We aren’t sure what is more disgusting — the fact that she is eating filth or actually sitting in it. Either way, the swarming flies seem to love it, and the Sha’rellian toops crawling all over her bloated body don’t seem to be concerned. Mama is annoyed that Ziro shows up at mealtime and tries to eat her slime pods before passing them to his own mother. She laments that his brother Ebor wouldn’t have done the same. This meal is the second time we see a parent-child relationship among the Hutts, after Jabba and Rotta.

Captain Rex and Cut Lawquane share a meal

1. Family Meal

In The Deserter” (The Clone Wars, S210), Captain Rex has dinner with Cut Lawquane and his family at their home on Saleucami. The meal is composed of a whole roasted nuna, carved like a ham with an orange and yellow fruit in its mouth (which looks just like the unusual fruit on Padmé’s Naboo dinner table in Attack of the Clones). Their meal is accompanied with what appear to be beans and a fruit platter of jogans and smooth, grey fruits (also seen in “Supply Lines”).

The family meal setting recalls similar dinners at the homes of Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala (deleted scene), and the Lars family in the film saga. This is the only family-style meal we see in The Clone Wars. Their discussion during the meal is important because it opens Rex’s mind to the possibility of clones having independent lives beyond just military service.

What are your favorite Star Wars food scenes? Tell us in the comments below!

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