SWCVI: Mission Report: The props are now in Florida

Last minute furniture part…guess who is working at this console?

Last minute furniture part…guess who is working at this console?

‘My Lord… The shields will be down in a moment, you may start your landing…!’

The Belgian Celebration VI prop crew is now entering the ‘HOT’ phase of the preparations…

3 huge 40ft.-high cube containers had been deployed the hangars of the Dragons and Prospector crew workshops. All 3 containers have been loaded as planned, distance between last prop part and door: 30mm… Fits like a glove, one of our favorite phrases.

3 of those are just enough to get the props to Orlando!

3 of those are just enough to get the props to Orlando!

The international shipping was perfectly prepared and the containers headed out. Their trip started at Antwerp harbor on the Cargo vessel: HS Bach, and the 3 prop containers finally arrived safe and sound at Miami harbor.

The prop-carrier: HS Bach

The prop-carrier: HS Bach

They are now in processing at U.S. Customs and will hopefully be cleared soon, so they can continue their voyage to Orlando. Part one of the mission is accomplished!

But our prop building didn’t end with the containers leaving… there was still a lot of tiny, little detail work to do, of course “tiny” and “little’ has to be understood in terms of large scale prop building.

We figured out very soon, that the last minute works will NOT fit into our standard luggage as we planned so we had to arrange a fast shipping of those items, to get them to Orlando in time and I just received the message — that those boxes have arrived safely on location.

All props are now on location, ‘The eagle has landed!’

Now it’s our turn, like Jango used to say: ‘Pack your bags…we’re leaving!’

In about 36 hours our crew will head out! 28 totally motivated and slightly crazy prop builders are good to go!

  • Tickets and passports- CHECK!
  • Crew shirts- CHECK!
  • Trading goodies & patches- CHECK!
  • VERY LAST minute prop parts- CHECK!

… I told you… we never stop with prop building…

The very last parts will be put together, right before we leave to the airport. Crazy? YES! Definitely!

So I guess next time I’ll hit this blog it will be live from the Orange County Convention Center, surrounded by masses of prop parts, and crew members during the setup. I can’t wait to give you all a report from there, informing you firsthand about the next step in this adventure… the final preparations before CVI opens its doors for all of you!

Star Wars Celebration VI is coming to Orlando, Florida on August 23-26. Join the party that brings together fans of all ages to celebrate the pop culture phenomenon that is Star Wars.