San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night: Lucasfilm Pavilion

This year at San Diego Comic-Con International, we did a reset on our pavilion that I just love. To give it the feel of classic Star Wars movie fun, my boss Howard Roffman suggested iconic comic art. It’s perfect.

I pulled out my Star Wars: Panel to Panel books and scanned dynamic art that I loved, and pulled comic art from a number of time periods, then cropped it and created dummy layouts that were later rezzed-up, moved around, and perfected by people much more talented than I am.

Lit up with spotlights that make me think of the entire pavilion as the Main Reactor (“Lock onto the strongest power source….”) the art is an eye-catching frame for our show stopping video wall. I am a self-described geek girl about the tech specs of our video wall, but whatever…it’s jaw-dropping.

We have a Death Star wall courtesy of the 501st Legion, Southern California Garrison, that they are operating as a photo opp. See the details at their booth, then come by and take pictures with the characters.

Tonight the denizens of the Star Wars pavilion were just starting to unpack their goods. I love this stage of getting ready for Comic-Con. The plan starts to come together, and then we make a few new and unexpected plans for what else happens along the way. It’s exciting to see the first glimpses of what will be.

The boxes arrived tonight at the cool new Her Universe booth in the pavilion. I was lucky, courtesy of owner Ashley Eckstein, to score one of the Darth Vader dresses that she and her team created. At some point during this con, my Dark Side will be revealed.

Super-cool sunglass boxes from Sunscape, that look like vintage Star Wars comics. The boxes are works of art in themselves. I was taken with them, then noticed Sunscape has sunglasses with light-up lightsaber colors! A San Diego must-have.

I want my cat to want to nap on this super soft and squeaking Jabba mat from Petco. I walked by and squeaked it all evening. “Always with the squeaky Jabba.” Petco has Yoda dog and cat ears to give away.


Somehow, Mad Engine gets dozens of staff members to prep their area of the booth, unwrapping and setting out Star Wars t-shirts by the dozens. They were fun and fast and looked like a large, moving pumpkin patch in their orange shirts.

Yes, Artoo, there is really a car in the Lucasfilm pavilion at Comic-Con. Yes, it is decked out. Yes, you would like to drive it if you could reach the stick shift.


“Show me the new Comic Images plushies hidden in these boxes!”
Sorry, green crabby dude. You will have to wait for preview night.

Question: What will go in front of this backdrop in the Hallmark booth? Hint: they are furry and brown and are not Banthas.

On our original set of floorplans this booth was misprinted “The Rope Factory.” These robes are really fun, but I kind of wish we had Star Wars ropes, too.

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