Meet the Cast of Smuggler’s Bounty

Some of the most gifted Star Wars voice actors are back for this special Star Wars Celebration Anaheim event!

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is almost upon us. And with it the SMUGGLER’S BOUNTY Live Audio Drama Stage Show!

Smuggler's Zoom

What is a “live audio drama stage show”, you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Smuggler’s Bounty is an original (non-canon) Star Wars tale, inspired by classic radio dramas like Brian Daley’s epic Star Wars Trilogy for National Public Radio, crafted exclusively for Celebration Anaheim to be performed one-time-only, with hundreds sound effects and music cues pumped into the theater, LIVE in front of 4,000 fans!

Ever since Celebration VI Orlando in 2012, when our first live radio drama Smuggler’s Gambit was wildly received, I knew a sequel was on the cards. So I got the band back together — JIMMY “MAC” MCINERNEY (RebelForce Radio and Behind The Scenes Stage Co-Host), DAVID COLLINS (Digital Stage Host and our Han Solo) and FJ DESANTO (Co-Writer) and myself — to produce a follow-up.


Smugglers Record Flyer FINAL

Be on the lookout for this FREE limited edition Smuggler’s Bounty promo on the Celebration floor.

While the first one was an experiment of sorts (no one had ever done a live Star Wars show like this before), we knew we could push everything much further this time. So we developed the 60-plus-page script over the course of a year to ensure that Smuggler’s Bounty will be more thrilling, more action-packed and even more FUN than the original.  And the stage is even bigger — literally — since we are taking over the main Celebration Stage at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 18.

Without further adieu, meet the FULL CAST…


DAVID COLLINS will once again take center stage as the famed Corellian smuggler Han Solo!


JAMES ARNOLD TAYLOR (The Clone Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi) brings to life Horan Cha Croix, a passionate Rebel conspirator.


JAIME KING (Aurra Sing on The Clone Wars and CW’s Hart of Dixie) spices up the stage as Treya Lanic an old flame on a new life path.


SAM WITWER (Starkiller, Darth Maul and more) will push our heroes to the limit as the opportunistic and cunning Moff Tolec.


SCOTT PORTER from the hit shows Friday Night Lights & Hart of Dixie will hop into the cockpit as Wedge Antilles!


CATHERINE TABER (Padme Amidala on The Clone Wars) joins the fray as the spirited Princess Leia Organa.


TOM KANE (Yoda from The Clone Wars and more) will power up everyone’s favorite protocol droid See-Threepio and provide the show’s narration.


MATTHEW WOOD (Skywalker Sound audio wizard and the voice of General Grievous) will offers his talents for a variety of surprise roles!

MATT LANTER (Anakin Skywalker himself) will lend his lungs for Luke Skywalker.


DEE BRADLEY BAKER (Captain Rex on The Clone Wars among a plethora of others) will bring to life the mysterious Taff Phaedros — a resistance fighter who can tip the outcome of the war.

Fans of the original trilogy are in for a real treat with this original “Han and Chewie” adventure for all ages! Smuggler’s Bounty is both throwback to 1977… and a cutting edge stage show. Be sure to program Smuggler’s Bounty (April 18, 1 p.m., Celebration Stage) into your Celebration: Anaheim plans!

You can check out the original Smuggler’s Gambit here.

*Smuggler’s Bounty logo and art by Paul Bateman

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