Demanding a Recount: Why Lando Deserved Better in This Is Madness

What if I told you a man piloted the Millennium Falcon through the second Death Star and (along with Wedge Antilles) destroyed the Empire’s ultimate weapon?

What if I told you the same man surrendered the Cloud City sabacc card game tournament, knowing his friend Han Solo would need the battered Millennium Falcon?

What if I told you the same man was the first to infiltrate Jabba’s palace in the rescue mission to save Han Solo and remained the only one to keep his cover?

What if I told you the same man introduced Colt 45 and lustrous moustaches to the Rebel Alliance?

Only to be eliminated in the very first round of the Star Wars This Is Madness tournament by the very man he risked his life to save — Han Solo.

It’s a trap.

Lando Calrissian has long gone underappreciated in Star Wars circles and that time is over. With just seven percent of the vote, he sits behind the likes of IG-88, Bossk, and Wicket. This is unforgivable and does not befit the man whose smile, along with Tibanna Gas, was the primary export of Cloud City.

We the people of Earth need to take a stand and demand a recount to reinstate Lando Calrissian into the This Is Madness tournament. Let your voices be heard.

It might be the greatest thing you ever do (hopefully not).

Reese Waters is a comedian and the host of ESPN’s late-night entertainment show, UNITE, which airs weekdays at midnight ET on ESPNU. Each night he and his fellow co-hosts are unveiling the winners of This Is Madness bracket matchups during the live show.

Follow him on twitter @ReeseWaters and the show @UNITE.

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