Aaron Sagers standing with Chewbacca

Aaron Sagers

Aaron Sagers is a NYC-based journalist, TV host, author, and professional nerd. He can be seen geeking out on Travel Channel, Syfy, Discovery Channel, Today Show -- and on comic con and fan event stages across the world as a moderator. Aaron can be recognized in the wild wearing a Mets cap and brightly colored tropical shirts (including one with Ewoks hiding in them). He loves sharing stories with fellow fans about sci-fi, horror, folklore, and his expertise of paranormal pop culture. Aaron aspires to one day be as cool as Lando. And he named his dog Indiana.

  • First Star Wars Memory
    Before I even saw a Star Wars film (I was born between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back), I was a young tyke introduced to the saga by sitting on our living room floor, listening with my parents and older siblings to The Story of Star Wars vinyl LP -- narrated by Roscoe Lee Browne -- while teething on the hard plastic-domed head of a 12-inch Chewbacca figure.
  • Favorite Film
    Return of the Jedi
  • Favorite Character
  • Favorite Scene
    Everything about Jabba's palace in Jedi, but especially when Luke arrives, confronts the Hutt, and faces off against that poor little rancor who just wanted a Jedi snack.