9 Awesome Star Wars Battlefront – Outer Rim Easter Eggs

You'll find Jabba's palace and the Sorosuub pipelines are full of surprises.

Star Wars Battlefront’s first digital expansion, Outer Rim, continues the work of the main game in capturing our love of Star Wars. From the garage of Jabba’s palace to the gritty factories of Sullust, Outer Rim excels in placing you in the far reaches of Star Wars galaxy. Hutt contracts from Jabba himself add another layer of challenge for players. And with new maps come new Easter eggs and homages to the saga. Here are the nine we’ve found (so far).

Star Wars Battlefront - Greedo in Jabba's Throne Room
1. Jabba’s Throne – Jabba’s Throne Room

You can’t run through the Jabba’s Palace map without stopping by the throne room of Jabba the Hutt. Straight out of Return of the Jedi, this iconic location is ripe with the stench of scum and villainy. Some say that if you listen closely, you might even hear a certain Kowakian monkey-lizard cackling with glee. I wonder what’s so funny?

Star Wars Battlefront - Bowl of Klatooine Paddy Frogs in Jabba the Hutt's Throne Room
2. Bowl of Klatooine Paddy Frogs – Jabba’s Throne Room 

What does a Hutt eat while on a diet? Why, Klatooine Paddy frogs, of course! Sitting on the arm of Jabba’s throne is a bowl filled with these tasty (to Jabba, at least) treats. Hutts prefer to eat them alive — so how do you like yours?

Star Wars Battlefront - Dead Rancor

3. RIP Rancor – Jabba’s Throne Room

Misplace your footing in Jabba’s throne room and you might wind up in the deadly rancor pit! But fear not; the mighty rancor can do you no harm now. Our condolences to Malakili the rancor keeper for his loss.

Star Wars Battlefront - Gamorrean Guards

4. Trapped Gamorrean Guards – Jabba’s Throne Room

A few halls down from the pit, you’ll stumble into one of Jabba’s prisons. Inside the cells are three Gamorrean guards who don’t seem to be pleased with their living arrangements.

Star Wars Battlefront - Han Solo's Carbonite Chamber
5. Han Solo’s Empty Carbonite Block – Jabba’s Throne Room

Just off of Jabba’s throne room lies Jabba’s favorite decoration, or at least what used to be. Han Solo resided within this block of carbonite until he was rescued by Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi, only to be recaptured, then rescued again. Everyone’s favorite smuggler always seems to get himself into trouble.

Star Wars Battlefront - Droid Torture Chamber
6. Droid Torture Chamber – Jabba’s Throne Room

Can you hear the screams of droids in the distance? If so, you’re approaching the spine-chilling droid torture chamber in Jabba’s palace. Seen first in Return of the Jedi following C-3PO and R2-D2’s capture, this chamber housed horrors that would make any droid need to take an oil bath.

Star Wars Battlefront - Stuffed Tauntaun
7. Stuffed Tauntaun Head – Jabba’s Throne Room

Above Han Solo’s carbonite block, you’ll find the mounted head of a tauntaun! Jabba definitely has his own style when it comes to interior decorating.

Star Wars Battlefront - Dianoga
8. Dianoga – Sorosuub Refinery

While playing as the Empire on Sorosuub Refinery, keep an eye on the water tanks in front of you. You’ll notice a dianoga, also known as the trash compactor monster from A New Hope, swimming in the tank! It is surprisingly majestic for a creature that loves to live in the garbage.

Star Wars Battlefront - Trash Compactor
9. Trash Compactor – Sorosuub Pipelines

Want to relive the trash compactor scene from A New Hope without the fear of being drowned by a trash monster or crushed to death? Then hop on over to the Sorosuub Pipelines and explore the interior of the factory. Eventually you’ll find a trash compactor slightly overfilled, so hop on down and see how long it takes until the smell scares you away!

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