10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Star Wars Author

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I love Star Wars, and I love being a Star Wars author. In honor of tomorrow’s Star Wars Reads Day II, I thought I’d run down what it means to me to have contributed to a galaxy far, far away.

1. I love writing. It’s satisfying to use words to create exciting stories and put pictures in readers’ heads.

2. Star Wars is amazing. I love how many different characters there are, so you can always find a new one to write about. I love the mix of humans, Jedi, aliens, droids and baddies!

3. Star Wars has the best spaceships, planets, and battles. I never get tired of revisiting how the Empire tried to defeat the Rebels on Hoth or how Anakin and Obi-Wan had to rescue Palpatine from Grievous’ spaceship at the start of Revenge of the Sith.

4. With Star Wars, I also get to write about LEGO Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars — both are different than “real” Star Wars but allow you to have fun with the characters. Both are less serious than the movies, so there’s room for jokes and humor!

5. It’s exciting knowing that people who read my books are also huge fans, and they might know more than me. So it’s always a bit scary, thinking you might make a mistake.

6. Getting letters from readers — mostly they want to tell me that they enjoyed  one of my books, or they might have some questions (“Which Star Wars character is your favorite?”). And only occasionally they might point out a mistake! 🙁

7. Being a Star Wars author puts me in a special group of authors who also write Star Wars books, and we sometimes meet each other at Star Wars Celebration or Comic-Con. They are a great bunch — all quite passionate about Star Wars.

8. When you are writing a book, you have to do research and make sure you know and understand everything that you are writing about, so you don’t make mistakes. It’s amazing how often you watch a movie and think you know it, but if you have to write about it, you sometimes need to think about it a little harder than usual. I like this process.

9. I write for my son, who is 8, and sometimes my daughter, who is 6, both Star Wars and LEGO Star Wars fans, and often I will ask them what they think of my writing while I am doing it, and they usually come up with ways to make it a bit better. So, hi (and thanks) to Linus and Edie!

10. Star Wars Reads Day is our day — a celebration of all the great books being published for Star Wars fans, with so many cool events around the world!

Simon Beecroft is the New York Times bestselling author of LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, and many other Star Wars books. He lives in London, England, with his wife, Katie, and two children, Linus and Edie.

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