Star Wars Celebration Europe: Your Favorite Memory Photo Book, Part 2

Not long ago on Twitter I asked for your favorite Star Wars Celebration Europe memories and photographs for Bantha Tracks, the Star Wars fan newsletter. You sent some beauties, and we thank you for that!

This “photo book,” the second of a three-part online series, is a great teaser for what will appear in the December edition of Bantha Tracks in Star Wars Insider.

Star Wars Celebration Europe, in Essen, Germany, this past July, not only commemorated decades of the incredible galaxy far, far away and 30 years of Return of the Jedi, it transmitted crackles of excitement for both the new television series Star Wars Rebels and a brand new theatrical Star Wars movie planned for 2015.

It was thrilling to be a part of that excitement at a Celebration again, and I loved it. You loved the show, too, by the looks of your pictures, emails, and tweets.

Magnus Müller and Steve Sansweet.
Magnus Müller, founder of the Mission Orange charity project, presents Steve Sansweet of Rancho Obi-Wan his first orange gunner helmet as a gift for the super-collector’s museum. “Steve is a good friend,” writes Müller, “and I am very lucky that my project Mission Orange will have a personal and official place forever at Rancho Obi-Wan.”

Emily Stevenson in a homemade Star Wars dress.
Emily Stevenson of the United Kingdom, in a dress she created herself, with two new friends at Celebration Europe.

Dominic Jones with Pablo Hidalgo.
“A big part of my Celebration Europe experience was covering the event for The Star Wars Underworld,” says Dominic Jones. “Throughout the event I live-tweeted several of the events for fans who couldn’t make it (from his Twitter feed @TheSWU). Saturday I saw Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo on the convention floor and went to get a picture with him and thank him for all his work on Star Wars. Pablo recognized my Star Wars Underworld T-shirt and told me I was doing a great job live-tweeting the events! It was the highlight of my Celebration!”

Star Wars fan Jason Thorogood with a surprised Princess Leia.
Jason Thorogood shares a joke with Princess Leia. Zak Portlock-Thorogood says he sent this shot to Bantha Tracks as a favorite memory of Celebration Europe because it shows the effort and dedication that fans will put into their passions, like costuming. “It also shows that two people who haven’t even met before can become friends and have fun through just a couple of seconds taking a picture.”

The International Star Wars Panel.
“Celebration Europe II was a blast!” writes Tim “TeeKay-421” Veekhoven. “The TeeKay crew truly had a wonderful time in Essen. We hope we did our best to be good ambassadors for Star Wars fandom and Lucasfilm.” (Editor’s note: You were great ambassadors, Tim, thank you.)

Veekhoven says that participating at the International Star Wars Panel on the Celebration Fan Stage with Gerald Home was a highlight of the show for him.

“It was great to do a panel with Gerald, and with Ateş Çetin from Turkey, but also to announce the return of SWORA, the Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance,” says Veekhoven. Pictured are Ricardo from HoloRed Estelar (Spain), Tim from TeeKay-421 (Belgium), Gerald Home (UK, performer from Return of the Jedi) and Ateş Çetin from Yildiz Savaşlari (Turkey).

Fan Gary Mancini with Ashley Eckstein.
Gary Mancini had a chance encounter with actress Ashley Eckstein, whom he and his group met while traveling on the tube back to the hotels.

“Ashley is one of the loveliest Star Wars celebrities there is, and was happy to stop and pose for a photo,” says Mancini. “As you can see, Ashley was wearing one of the Her Universe Darth Vader dresses from her company at the time.”

Fan Sarah Saunders with Slave Leia.
Sarah Saunders sent this shot, one of her favorite pictures from Celebration Europe. Saunders is wearing the TC-14 headpiece.

Strange happenings at Jabba's palace.
Thanks, Stefan Cembolista, for sending this picture from your Jabba’s palace set at Celebration in Essen. Now, tell me what the Sith is going on here!

As a post script to your favorite Celebration Europe photographs and memories, here is another of my personal favorites.

The Fett Dance
Tem Morrison and Daniel Logan, front, clearly know how to do an intimidating Haka, as it should be! John Morton, Dickie Beer, and Jeremy Bulloch give it their best, but my favorite part of the picture is the expression on host Warwick Davis’ face. He’s fierce!

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