Star Wars Father’s Day Gift Guide

Get the perfect gift for your Jedi (or Sith) dad.

Father’s Day is coming this Sunday, June 18 — and there’s still time to get something for dads who feel the Force. Check out’s gift guide below, featuring a wide-range of ideas for Star Wars-fan fathers, including everything from Star Wars grills to record players. So if you’ve had a hard time finding just the right thing, fear not. These are the gifts you’re looking for. (And if you forget to mow the lawn or turn off the light in your room, one of these just might get you out of trash compactor duty.)

For the dad who cooks like an Ewok making roast Han:

For the dad who’s a Jedi (or Sith) at work:

For the dad who is strong with the power of coffee (or tea):

For the dad who was there in 1977 (or just likes awesome action figures):

For the dad who feels music is the ultimate power in the universe:

For the dad who has his own speeder bike:

For the dad who says “Droid please!”: 

For the dad who worships Darth Vader as much as Kylo Ren:

For the dad who would be too cold on Hoth:

For the dad who needs an armor upgrade: All Star Wars, all the time.