Star Wars Insider #159: 10 Highlights!

July just got 10 times better.

The latest issue of Star Wars Insider arrives on July 21 (or, if you are a subscriber, a little before). There are lot of reasons to track down a copy — cool contests, hilarious title puns, features on micropscopic super cells, and much more. Check out 10 highlights — plus a preview gallery — below.

1. “Skyguy? Is that you?” 

Everybody loves Ahsoka Tano. And that goes double for Ashley Eckstein, the talented actress who has been playing her for eight years. In this issue, she talks about being back in action in Star Wars Rebels and being reunited with Captain Rex and… you know who! We’ll also be giving you a chance to win Ashley’s wardrobe as seen throughout the article. Not her actual wardrobe, of course — you will have to find somewhere to store your new threads if you win!

True story: I asked Ashley if she’d mind being interviewed for this issue back at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. I spotted her walking through the convention hall at the end of the day and made a dash to speak with her, brandishing a mock-up of the cover for this issue. I’m not sure what she made of a sweaty, out-of-breath man waving a crumpled bit of paper at her and gasping “interview please,” but thankfully she agreed to speak with Amy Ratcliffe!


Star Wars Insider exclusively reveals 10 standalone movies from a galaxy far, far away that you’ll never see. Written by Michael Price, the Emmy award-winning writer of The Simpsons and the LEGO Star Wars TV specials, this feature will have you demanding such future classics as “Sith-teen Candles” and “Bombad Lieutenant” be green-lit immediately! To quote the original Star Wars teaser: “Somewhere, in space, all this could be happening….”


Dark Disciple, the much-anticipated novel based on unaired Star Wars: The Clone Wars scripts has been winning rave reviews — and rightly so. But there’s more! Its star, Asajj Ventress, is featured in our exclusive tale this issue. Written by the author of the book, Christie Golden, and illustrated by Magali Villeneuve, it’s a story you won’t want to miss!


Asajj Ventress’ popularity belies the fact she never appeared in a Star Wars movie. A complex character, it seems only right that we celebrate her with an in-depth analysis by Tricia Barr, whose features on some of the great Star Wars characters have proved hugely popular with readers!


Every Jedi has them. Yoda had the most (until Qui-Gon and friends made a fateful stop-off on Tatooine). Those Midi-chlorians that proved to be, for some, a subject of controversy go under the microscope as we discuss how they enrich the mythology of Star Wars!


Michael Kogge’s look back at Dark Empire comes to a close in the third and final part featuring rare imagery and revealing interviews with creators, Cam Kennedy and Tom Veitch.


Ever wondered what it’s like being a guest at a Star Wars convention? Wonder no more! Vanessa Marshall, AKA Hera in Star Wars Rebels, takes us behind the scenes showing what Star Wars Celebration looks like from the other side of the autograph table!


Always popular, the Bantha Tracks section of Star Wars Insider has been a firm favorite for a long time. It’s always inspiring to see how much Star Wars means to fans all over the world — and rarely more so than in the story of 501st member Kevin Doyle, whose powerful story offers much to admire. If you’d like to be featured, please send photos and art along with your stories to 


There’s nothing quite like meeting somebody who was actually involved in the making of Star Wars, is there? It’s a lovely opportunity to voice appreciation for their work, maybe get an autograph, and, if you are really lucky, get a photo with them. We love seeing photos and hearing such stories and have a cool Star Wars statue from the lovely folk at Kotobukiya to give away to one entry every issue. We always need more encounters to fill our pages, so send your photos and stories to:


DK’s Ultimate Star Wars co-author, Adam Bray, offers five amazing pieces of information that will most certainly surprise your friends!

Coming up in Star Wars Insider #160: Topps trading cards with every issue, clone actor Dee Bradley Baker interviewed, action figure action, and Blade Squadron fly into action! Available September 8.   

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