Ranking Rebels: 10 Highlights from “Relics of the Old Republic”

Clones versus the Empire. 'Nuff said.

What do you do when you have more thoughts about Star Wars Rebels than you know what to do with? Make a list of your favorite moments — in no particular order, because that might fry your circuits. Welcome to Ranking Rebels.

Trapped on Seelos with the Empire en route, can our rebels and a few “Relics of the Old Republic” make it out alive? Here are my 10 favorite moments from the episode!

1. The oncoming storm.

Continuing where we left off, the Ghost crew and our clone troopers find themselves between a storm and the Empire. Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe are happy to just give Ezra the information Ahsoka asked for and stay on Seelos, but it looks like they may need to rethink that.


2. Why spoil all the fun? We haven’t been shot at in years!

Agent Kallus is probably used to people being afraid when he threatens them, but Rex lays the gauntlet down when he replies, “Hope you brought a better class of soldiers than those “stormtroopers.” We know exactly what Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor can do, but when a TIE fighter shows up, the Ghost crew treats them like old dudes and acts a little dismissive — until Gregor wipes out the TIE with one shot. Kallus further underestimates the rebels and clones when he ignores Admiral Konstantine’s suggestion of an orbital bombardment and goes for the ground assault. So cocky.


3. We’d make a good team if we all fought together.

Ezra’s all for a team up, but Kanan’s like “not so much,” because Order 66 still looms large in his mind. Knowing that, Ezra asks Rex to tell him about the Clone Wars and gets both a lesson in how to work the tank’s main gun and the general Rex considers to be among the greatest of the Jedi. Hearing him talk about Anakin as someone he trusted and admired and knowing what Anakin has become is bittersweet for those of us watching, but it’s also a reminder of what was.


4. How do they keep from falling over?

The clones’ reaction to the Imperial walkers is one of my favorite moments of any episode. Hearing them mock these machines we’ve known — and loved — for decades gives us a different take. If you were used to the six-legged AT-TEs, you’d mock them, too. When you see the Republic tank up against the walkers, you can see why they feel that way.


5. Hera and Chopper arguments are the best.

First of all, Chopper’s reaction to being powered down is very amusing. He’s so disgruntled! Well, even more disgruntled than usual. But it’s the banter between our favorite grumpy astromech and Hera that never fails to amuse me. We hear Chopper emit a volley of beeps and Hera’s, “Really, you won’t be working much slower than you normally do,” followed by more Chopper beeps adds lightness and a nice character moment.


6. I always trust my general.

Agent Kallus has pushed into the storm undeterred and the offense he sets up against the rebels shows his strategic sense. However, he’s never had to deal with a Jedi/Rex combination. Rex’s out of the box strategy is one of the things Kallus wouldn’t expect and, therefore, he has no defense when Kanan helps Ezra make a one-in-a-million shot using the Force. It’s an echo of Ben Kenobi telling Luke to reach out with his feelings and trust his instincts, which is why the musical cue — an echo of Luke’s theme — is so effective when Ezra sets up the shot and takes the walker down.


7. They’ve lost their minds!

The storm has passed and Kallus is surprised again when the Republic tank turns to fight and provide cover fire as the Phantom takes off. He miscalculates, again believing that Konstantine will deal with them, and focuses on clones. He soon learns that the clones are ready to die fighting and there’s no quit in them — which is perfectly illustrated by Rex getting out of the tank once it’s down and challenging the walker to a fist fight.

Image 7

8. What about Ahsoka? Rex was her friend.

Kanan would love nothing more than to take the intel they got and never look back, but Ezra’s words hit home and he turns back to help the clones. Thanks to the clones’ determination and Kanan’s shooting, everyone lives to fight another day. Kanan may not be comfortable being called a general, but when Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe salute him, he nods back reminding us all of how many times Jedi and clones worked together to achieve victory.


9. That’s not Vader.

That’s not Vader, and Konstantine is a tad put out that he came all this way for…whoever this person is. The Fifth Brother, however, has zero time for that kind of attitude. This new Inquisitor has been sent by Vader succeed where the admiral and Kallus have failed. That sounds ominous…


10. Ahsoka and Rex.

Years may have passed, Rex may be older, and Aksoka’s not a teenager anymore, but the hug the two share shows nothing has changed between them. It’s a reunion years in the making and it’s definitely been worth the wait.

Those were my moments for this week’s episode. Tell me what your favorite moments were in the comments and may the Force be with you!

Geek Girl Diva is a longtime Star Wars fan and a diehard Rebels lover. She also thinks Poe Dameron’s hair has magical properties.