The Playlist: A Guide to Clone Wars Legend Cham Syndulla

The essential appearances of a legendary freedom fighter -- and father of Hera Syndulla.

Initially introduced as a Twi’lek freedom fighter on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Cham Syndulla has become more and more a vital character in the Star Wars canon. His daughter, Hera, was the General Syndulla mentioned in Rogue One, and she’s one of the stars of Star Wars Rebels. Cham’s story is an interesting one, stemming from one war to another, with affecting him on deeply personal levels.

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“Supply Lines” – Season 3, Episode 24) — In Cham’s first appearance on the timeline, the fate of the people of Ryloth hangs in the balance while Senator Organa and Representative Binks negotiate with the Toydarians for their relief.

2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“Liberty on Ryloth” – Season 1, Episode 21) — The war on Ryloth waged for a long time and it offered a difficult path for Cham, the freedom of his people, and the fate of his family.

3. Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp — The next time we see Cham, he’s no longer fighting the Separatists, but the Empire. This book documents his daring plot to assassinate the evil Emperor and his dark enforcer, Darth Vader, for the good of the galaxy. It’s apparent he doesn’t succeed, but seeing how Cham can survive is thrilling.

4. Star Wars Rebels (“Homecoming” – Season 2, Episode 16) — Years after the events of Lords of the Sith, Cham is still fighting for the freedom of Ryloth, but now he needs the help of his estranged daughter Hera — and the Rebel Alliance.

5. Star Wars Rebels (“Hera’s Heroes” – Season 3, Episode 5) — In Cham’s most recent appearance in the timeline, he’s enlisted the help of his daughter and Phoenix Squadron once more, but this time Grand Admiral Thrawn is involved.

Like Saw Gerrera before him, Cham’s story shows us the difficult strain on relationships that fighting against the Empire for so long can have. It’s a wonder any relationships, familial or otherwise, survived the battle against Palpatine’s tyranny.

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