Start Your Engines: Star Wars Podracer Drivers, Part 2

Concluding the history of drivers in the newly re-released Star Wars: Racer Revenge video game!

With the release of Racer Revenge for PlayStation 4, we can again try our luck on podracing tracks across the galaxy. Marking that release, is looking at all the racers gifted (and crazy) enough to try this deadly (and amazing) sport.

Podracers: Nemmeso, Ninebar, Pagalies, Paramita, and Quadinaros

Kraid Nemmeso was a Ghishi that didn’t fit in with the warrior-mantid culture of his home planet. He turned his attention to podracing, hoping that this might impress his elders. Kraid constructed an enormous podracer that allowed him to literally crush his opponents. Although not the record holder, he became the track favorite on the Podracing Open course in the ruins of Carnuss Gorguul on Gamorr. Engines: Versper Dux Ultra-3

Occo Ninebar left the Neelabi homeworld to pursue his dreams of becoming a famous podracer. His elders, however, disagreed with his choices and exiled him. The only way to return to his homeworld was in glory. Occo worked his way up through the Galactic Trials, setting the track record on Oroturu G’am on Mon Cala. His Enser Flay 254 racer had a custom built cockpit that kept Occo submerged at all times, as he couldn’t breathe air. Because of the severe consequences of a ruptured cockpit, Occo tended to avoid dangerous situations. Engines: Enser Flay 254

Teemto Pagalies was a Veknoid who was banned from his home planet Moonus Mandel after refusing to marry the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Pagalies became a podracer, but also built a reputation as an alcoholic. His success on Mon Gazza landed him a spot on the Boonta Eve Classic. During the race, Pagalies was doing quite well and was in a solid third place. His chances of finishing were taken away, however, by the Tusken Raiders that shot him down in the Canyon Dune Turn during the second lap. After recovering from his injuries, Pagalies continued to participate in the Galactic Trials. Engines: Irdani Performance Group IPG-X1131 LongTail

Slide Paramita was a Ciasi racer, who was a contestant in the Invitational Podracing Circuit. He was lean and agile, aspects that were reflected in his Pizer-Errol engines. His engines were quite fragile and vulnerable, but Paramita valued maneuverability above all else, and equipped his engines with some of the best cooling and repair modules. Paramita was mostly known for his temper, however, and was motivated most when he was upset about how things were going in the race. One of his best achievements was made on the Ando Prime Centrum track on Ando Prime, were he set the track record. Engines: Pizer-Errol Stinger 627 S

Ben Quadinaros was somewhat of a surprise in the Boonta Eve Challenge. The Toong from Toong’l had acquired some fame on the Pouffra Circuit on Tund, but that course was largely laughed away by other racers as an easy track for amateurs. One night in the Poodoo Lounge, he made a bet with Boles Roor, who put five million peggats on the table if Quadinaros competed and survived the Boonta Eve Challenge. He rented a Quadra-Pod from Gardulla the Hutt, but the maintenance was rather poor. Added to that, his engines were sabotaged by Ark Roose. Quadinaros couldn’t get his podracer to start and angrily hit the control panel, causing the energy binders to shut off and his engines to fly all over the place. Quadinaros did win the bet in the end, as he technically entered and survived the Boonta Eve. Engines: Balta-Trabaat TB310

Podracers: Roor, Roose, Sandage, Sandage JR and Sang

Boles Roor was a Sneevel from Sneeve, who acquired fame both as a glimmik singer and as a professional racer. He had quite a track record, even winning the Boonta Eve twice before entering a third time in 32 BBY. He wasn’t in the sport for the money, as his singing career made him rich beyond his needs. He made a bet with Ben Quadinaros that the Toong would never enter the Boonta Eve, which in the end lost him five million peggats. Roor himself did a bit better than Quadinaros, coming in on sixth place with a total time of 16:42.473, which meant he was the last of the surviving contestants to actually finish. After the Boonta Eve Roor quit podracing, and returned to his career as a glimmik singer. Engines: Bin Gassi Racing Engines Quadrijet 4-Barrel 904E

Ark “Bumpy” Roose was a Nuknog from the polluted swamps of Sump. Mostly known as a complete blockhead and a scatterbrain, he was allowed to enter the sport by his government only due to promotional reasons. He did fairly well in the Semipro Podracing Circuit, especially on Aquilaris. Roose nearly lost a race to young Anakin Skywalker, and his jealousy made him sabotage the kid’s engines on the day of the Boonta Eve Classic. Little did he know that he accidentally sabotaged the wrong engines, adding to Ben Quadinaros’ misery. Roose never finished the race himself, after Dud Bolt deliberately crashed into him in the Coil during the third lap. Engines: Vokoff-Strood Plug-8G 927 Cluster Array

Wan Sandage was a Devlikk from Ord Radama, and one of the youngest racers to ever compete in the sport. This was mainly due to the fact that most Devlikks had a lifespan of only nine to 10 years. Coming from a family with 128 siblings, he was only six when he entered the Boonta Eve Challenge. Sandage scored success earlier in the Semipro Podracing Circuit, mostly on Ord Ibanna. Seeing his years go by, he hired Aldar Beedo to end Sebulba’s career, which he saw as the only way to ever beat the Dug, a plan that was bound to fail. Sandage did not even finish, as he collided with a Jawa Sandcrawler somewhere off-course during the third lap. He employed Beedo once more during the Vinta Harvest Classic, but it didn’t turn out any better. Engines: Elsinore-Cordova Engineering TurboDyne 99-U

Wan Sandage Jr.  was a Devlikk and the son of Wan Sandage. He stepped into his father’s shoes and took up racing after the original Sandage died. He inherited the TurboDyne 99-U, which was well-known for its incredible traction. Sandage Jr., however, was too eager to prove himself during the races and frequently got into conflicts with other contestants on the course. He competed in the Podracing Open and the Hutt Championships, and earned some fame as the track favorite on Serres Sarrano, one of the professional courses on Sullust. Engines: Elsinore-Cordova Engineering TurboDyne 99-U

Fud Sang was an inmate of the prison world Oovo IV. Warden Fenn Booda gave Sang permission to compete in the podraces whenever it came to the planet. Serving four consecutive life sentences, he had a lot of time to spend tinkering on his Block6 Tri-Ram engines. It was not the fastest racer, but knowing the courses like the back of his hand lead to Sang having some success in the Amateur Podracing Circuit. He was usually desperate to prove himself against the visiting outlanders, which was reflected in his style of racing. Engines: Bokaan Race Engineering BRE Block6 Tri-Ram

Podracers: Sebulba, Skywalker, Tyerell, Wrantojo, and Zanales

Sebulba, a Dug from the Malastare city of Pixelito, was one of the most famous racers during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. While he started out in slavery, he managed to work his way up through the sport, acquiring a lot of fame along the way. A lot of his fame was not only credited to his success, but also to his theatrics and the way he got rid of opponents on the course. Sebulba’s presence was usually a guarantee for an exciting show. Other racers often looked forward to seeing him crash, and Sebulba regularly took in a few racers to serve as body guards. The biggest dip in his career was crashing in the Hutt Flats during the third lap of Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY, and losing the race to young Anakin Skywalker. He crawled back up by performing at the top of his game during the Phoebos Memorial Classic and the Vinta Harvest Classic. Engines: Collor Pondrat Plug-F Mammoth Split-X

Anakin Skywalker was a human boy, born into slavery. He was sold to Gardulla the Hutt on Tatooine at a young age, who later lost him and his mother to the junk dealer Watto. Watto knew the boy had a talent for flying, and let him compete in local podraces. Using junk from Watto’s yard, Skywalker managed to build a working podracer, which he proposed to use during the Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY, in order help out Qui-Gon Jinn and his friends. Qui-Gon made a bet with Watto that would guarantee the boy’s freedom, should he win the race. After a shaky start with engine problems, Skywalker soon managed to get his racer moving and overtook a lot of contestants during the second and third lap. He finally ended in a neck-to-neck race with Sebulba for first place. Sebulba’s engines failed, and Skwyalker won the race with a total time of 15:42.655, winning him his freedom. He left Tatooine with Qui-Gon Jinn to train with the Jedi Order. Engines: Radon-Ulzer 620C

Ratts Tyerell was a popular Aleena racer from the planet Aleen. Although he might have come over as a big mouth and a brute, he was respected by his fellow racers for his courage. His lightning reflexes made him quite successful on the courses of the Semipro Podracing Circuit, and netted him a place as record holder for the Howler Gorge on Ando Prime. Tyrell had his Scatalpen modified with secret weapons to take out Sebulba, but before he managed to get himself in a position to take out Sebulba during the Boonta Eve Classic, he had a fatal accident in the Laguna Caves when his accelerator jammed during the first lap. His children founded the Ratts Tyerell Foundation, who successfully pleaded for a ban on podracing on several worlds. Engines: Vokoff-Strood Titan 2150 (Scatalpen)

Tzidik Wrantojo was a Sulituan from the aquatic world of Archae Teuthis. Though his movement on land may have looked gangly and awkward, he piloted a pair of streamlined engines that were surprisingly fast. As a relative newcomer to the sport, Wrantojo was a kind of underdog, but his enigmatic presence on the tracks got him enough attention. He participated in the Hutt Championships, and held several track records, including the ones on Serres Sarrano on Sullust and the Grand Reef on Mon Cala. Engines: Wellos and Allos 825

“Scorch” Zanales was a flamboyant Daimlo, who was elevated to hero status on his homeworld when he topped all his peers during the rite of passage. In this year-long contest, young Daimlos used their skullplates to ram each other into unconsciousness. Zanales’ reputation carried over into podracing, where he loved to entertain the crowd by putting up a good show. His maneuvers were highly unpredictable, and he knew all about beating up opponents. Zanales competed in the Hutt Championships, and was one of the favorites on Gamorr. Engines: Daimlo Engineering Banshee-11

There you have it — all the contestants to the various races and circuits to be played in the Racer and Racer Revenge games. Who is your favorite, who will get you to that coveted first spot? Ladies and gentleman, start your engines!

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