Star Wars 360: View The Force Awakens Set Panoramas at – UPDATED 4/5

Step inside real Star Wars starships and sets -- thanks to's panoramic photos!

In celebration of the home video release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, presents Star Wars 360: a new series of omni-directional, panoramic photos taken from actual sets during the production of the film. In the photos below, you can enlarge to full-screen mode, click and drag to look in any direction, and zoom in or out.

Creature Shop

Want to see where BB-8 and all the strange droids and creatures of Star Wars: The Force Awakens hung out between takes? Take a peek behind the scenes with this special look at the creature shop!


All wings report in! Blue Squadron’s finest is now yours to tour. Just be careful not to eject your astromech co-pilot!

Millennium Falcon

Ever wanted to step inside the Millennium Falcon‘s cockpit? Check out the seats? Look through the windows? See what needs some paint? Now you can. (Get as close as you want to the controls. We won’t tell Han.) All Star Wars, all the time.