Jedi Paper Tricks

Fumiaki Kawahata’s amazing Origami Yoda is a very busy paper Jedi.

There is usually a pretty steady stream of people discovering him and then tweeting their friends: “Someone make me one of these!” Or “Hard to fold this looks!” And every once in a while the stream turns into a flood, as happened a few weeks ago when George Takei posted a photo of one of @yoyoferro‘s versions of the Kawahata Yoda.


I’m always amazed/annoyed by these tweets. Sure, I understand why people love origami Yoda, I just can’t believe they haven’t seen it before! Origami Yodas have been floating around the internet for years! And of course, if someone has never seen any origami Yoda before, then they definitely missed my book, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. (That’s the annoying part.)


But, origami Yodas are just the beginning. There is a lot of great Star Wars origami out there. Here are are some Jedi paperfolders to watch:

Chris Alexander, the author of the new Star Wars Origami book, has been folding Star Wars origami for years. At Celebration III he led a team folding of this giant Jabba the Hutt!


Martin Daniel Hunt has a real flair for vehicles, even at nano-scale. (Be sure to check out the red stripe on his X-wing!)


Won Park, who has a new book out about dollar bill origami, folded this incredible action scene.


And I’m proud to say that my readers have created some amazing Star Wars Origami, like this C3P0 made by a 7-year-old named Cooper and this encyclopedic array of Phantom Menace characters by Zach.


And there’s my wife, Cece Bell, who created the amazing Chewbacca cootie catcher for my new book, Secret of the Fortune Wookiee. (It uses a lot of cut paper, so it’s really an origami/kirigami hybrid.)


As for me, I’m still folding, writing and hoping to become an honorary member of the 501st!


If you’re headed to Star Wars Celebration VI, I’ll be teaching separate workshops for kids and adults, as well as signing books.

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee by Tom Angleberger is available in stores today.

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