2D depiction of Jordan Maison

Jordan Maison

Jordan Maison is a writer and cartoonist who went to college for post-production, and often cites the original Star Wars films as inspiration for getting into filmmaking. He now applies his love of drawing, movie analysis, filmmaking, video games, and martial arts into writing for various publications and working as the editor-in-chief for Cinelinx.com. A collector for over 20 years Jordan now shares his passion for Star Wars with his young son who has grown up learning the difference betweens toys you play with and toys you display.

  • First Star Wars Memory
    Opening the Original Trilogy VHS set on Christmas Day.
  • Favorite Film
    The Empire Strikes Back
  • Favorite Character
    Darth Maul
  • Favorite Scene
    Yoda telling Luke he failed in Empire Strikes Back. Made Luke a more relatable hero, and broke from the normal archetypes in films.