Portrait of James Burns

James Burns

James Burns jumped on board the Star Destroyer as it flew onto UK screens in late 1977 -- and has not gotten off. He founded and co-owns Jedi News, is a long-time contributor to Star Wars Insider, is a writer for the UK’s biggest free newspaper The Metro, and is co-host of two RebelForce Radio podcasts, RADIO 1138 with Mark Newbold and Star Wars Collectors Cast. When not working, writing, or talking Star Wars, he enjoys spending time with his amazingly supportive wife and three children.

  • First Star Wars Memory
    The Star Destroyer from A New Hope flying overhead, and watching it just go on and on...
  • Favorite Film
    Has to be A New Hope -- without this we wouldn't have anything else!
  • Favorite Character
    I can’t pick one; it has to be Luke Skywalker along with the Shadow/Blackhole strormtrooper, which first appeared in a 1979 comic.
  • Favorite Scene
    Always two, there are: Jabba the Hutt’s palace, which is a great ensemble scene, and Luke staring at the two suns on Tatooine.
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