6 of the Cutest Star Wars Aliens and Creatures

These fuzzy beings are strong with the cute side of the Force.

The Star Wars universe is a strange and wondrous place full of rogue knights, terrifying beasts, and exotic aliens. That said, some of its creatures are absolute cuties! Some of these creatures are adorable because they remind us of our own world’s favorite cuddly pets, while others are lovable for their alien natures.

Here are the six cutest aliens and creatures in the Star Wars universe — that we’ve met so far!


1. Ewoks

Appeared In: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
What Makes Them So Cute: Ewoks are arguably the absolute cutest creatures in the whole Star Wars universe. They look like living teddy bears and live in tree houses on the forest moon of Endor. Not only that, but they love storytime and BBQs! Okay, that last part isn’t so cute when you’re the one being rotisserie-ed.


2. Loth-Cats

Appeared In: Star Wars Rebels
What Makes Them So Cute: These wild little mammalian creatures are the aliens that most resemble our own kitty cats. They’ve got expressive faces and bunny-like ears. The cutest thing about them? They have oodles of personality. These feral felines will sass you sooner than they’ll sit on your lap — and there’s something adorable about this rebellious spirit.


3. Kiros Birds

Appeared In: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
What Makes Them So Cute: These super-colorful birds have wide eyes and a big brain. They can understand human speech, which makes them great listeners, pals, and erstwhile therapists. Essentially, they are the ideal pets of the Star Wars universe. That could be why Miraj Scintel liked having them around.


4. Convorees

Appeared In: Star Wars: The Clone Wars & Star Wars Rebels
What Makes Them So Cute: Like Kiros Birds, these owl-like aliens have big, emotive eyes and beaks that seem fixed in a smile. The convorees also make for great pets and companions. They’ll happily follow people around and perch wherever they like. We even saw one sitting on the shoulder of the mystical Bendu in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three premiere!


5. Tauntauns

Appeared In: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
What Makes Them So Cute: Sure, they smell horrible and are part lizard, but tauntauns are super cute! Hear me out! Name one other Star Wars creature you’re dying to cuddle up in on a cold winter night. Besides, they have sweet dragon-like faces. That’s cute, right?


6. Iakaru

Appears In: Star Wars: Rogue One
What Makes Them So Cute: The Internet went crazy when it saw Bistan, an Iakaru in the Celebration sizzle reel for Star Wars: Rogue One. What is it about this maniacal alien that’s so “cute”? He’s got the face like a jolly possum and an utterly infectious spirit. I mean, we’ve only seen him laughing and shooting and already we’re in love!


Honorable Mention: Droids

Appeared In: Every Star Wars film and show
What Makes Them So Cute: While droids technically aren’t creatures, their unique personalities make them absolutely loveable. Besides, I dare you to tell me that BB-8’s not cute. See? You can’t! BB-8 is the cutest!

Meghan O’Keefe is the deputy editor of Decider.com, an entertainment journalist, member of TCA — and a big ole nerd. She skipped senior prom to see Attack of the Clones in theaters. Follow her on Twitter @megsokay.