5 of the Millennium Falcon‘s Greatest Feats

Looking back on some memorable moments of a certain bucket of bolts.

When Luke Skywalker first laid eyes on the Millennium Falcon, he called it a piece of junk. But as Han said, “she’s got it where it counts.” The Millennium Falcon, a modified YT-1300 stock light freighter, is the most famous ship in Star Wars and for good reason. Let’s discover five of the Millennium Falcon’s most remarkable feats!

The Empire Strikes Back - The Millennium Falcon in the asteroid field

1. Never Tell Me the Odds

If it wasn’t used for breaking records, the Millennium Falcon faced another test after the Battle of Hoth. Even Solo confessed that he had made a mistake when he decided to enter the Hoth asteroid field. For once, Solo’s audacity may not have been the primary reason for such a dangerous journey. The Galactic Empire was in hot pursuit and the Falcon’s hyperdrive motivator had been damaged, so there were few options left but to proceed into the asteroid field. Despite terrible odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field, Solo and Chewbacca managed to steer the Falcon through the field until they spotted a huge asteroid where they would temporarily hide. But in typical Solo fashion, this led from one problem to another…

The Empire Strikes Back - The Millennium Falcon escaping

2. This Is No Cave

…they had landed inside the belly of a giant space slug. It took a wakeup call courtesy of mynocks chomping on power cables for Solo to realize that they weren’t in a cave. But thanks to the ship’s speed and maneuverability, they escaped just before the beast could close its jaws.

Millennium Falcon - "That was too close."

3. That Was Too Close

What about the Falcon surviving three of the greatest superweapons in the galaxy? The Falcon played pivotal roles in the destruction of the Death Star, Death Star II, and Starkiller Base. Not bad for “garbage.” 

The Force Awakens - The Millennium Falcon in the Eravana

4. Lightning-Fast Lightspeed

With his freighter under siege — and experiencing a small rathtar problem — Han led Chewie, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 to the Falcon. With a rathtar looking to eat its way into the cockpit, Han still took off and made the jump to lightspeed from within the hangar. Is that possible? “I never ask that question until after I’ve done it,” Solo said. Classic.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - the Millennium Falcon

5. Landing At Lightspeed

Solo’s most remarkable technical achievement with his ship may have been when he used the Falcon to slip through the shields of the First Order’s Starkiller Base by approaching the planetary weapon at lightspeed. The shields of the base kept anything out that traveled slower than lightspeed, so Solo decided to plan his landing approach at lightspeed. Solo and Chewbacca kept the Falcon very close to the planetary treeline so that the scanners of the First Order wouldn’t be able to detect their arrival. This plan was so risky that it could only have been devised by Solo — and it actually worked. The Falcon came to a stop right near a chasm of a cliff. It was a move that proved that, after all these years, there’s no pilot like Han Solo and no ship like the Millennium Falcon.

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Tim Veekhoven (Sompeetalay) from Belgium is president and co founder of TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars fan club. He has contributed to Star Wars Insider, to the Build the Millennium Falcon magazine and has created character names and back stories for What’s the Story? and Rogues Gallery.