11 Highlights from Star Wars Insider #170 – Out Now!

The latest issue focuses on the movie everybody is talking about: Rogue One!

Insider editor Jonathan Wilkins offers some highlights of the 170th issue of Star Wars Insider, which focuses on the movie everybody is talking about: Rogue One! Here are 11 questions that are answered in this issue:

1. A Prequel Connection

Which future member of Rogue One appeared alongside a future handmaiden to the Queen of Naboo in the 1996 movie version of The Treasure Seekers?

2. Rebel Research

Which cast member prepared for their role in the film by watching episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Star Wars Insider 171

3. How Rude!

Who describes their character as saying they can “say very insulting things if he believes they are true.”

4. Not Such a Bad Rap?

Which member of the cast is also an acclaimed rapper?

5. Multi-talented!

As well as acting, which cast member is also a talented pianist and breakdancer?

6. Directing Darth Vader

Which actor directed Hayden Christensen in a short film?

Star Wars Insider 171

7. Knights in Shining Armor

Which cast member teamed up with Uncle Owen and the handmaiden in question 1 in the 2004 movie King Arthur?

8. Working Class Hero Villain

Which character in the movie is described as “working class” by Rogue One director Gareth Edwards?

9. The One That Got Away

In 2010, which actor starred in a Katy Perry video?

Section from Star Wars Insider #170 featuring Saw Gerrera

10. All In The Name Of Research

Discover how the Manhattan Project, Mozart, and Watchmen helped James Luceno research his epic Rogue One prequel novel, Catalyst.

11. A Starring Role

Which character from the movie appears in an exclusive story entitled “The Voice of the Empire” written by Mur Lafferty and illustrated by Jason Chan?

All the answers and more in Star Wars Insider #170! For more information, or to get your copy now, go to www.titanmagazines.com.

Star Wars Insider 171


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Jonathan Wilkins is the editor of Star Wars Insider. Follow him on Twitter @jdog_wilkins and follow Star Wars Insider @SW_Insider.