Ranking Rebels: 10 Highlights from “Spark of Rebellion”

Revisit the first installment that introduced us to the ragtag crew of the Ghost and changed Star Wars forever.

What do you do when you have more thoughts about Star Wars Rebels than you know what to do with? Make a list of your favorite moments — in no particular order, because that might fry your circuits. Welcome to Ranking Rebels.

We may be waiting for Season Three of Star Wars Rebels, but fear not! It’s the perfect time to revisit our favorite animated series — from the beginning! So start binge-watching and follow along. Let’s kick things off with highlights from the landmark series premiere movie that started it all, “Spark of Rebellion.”

Star Wars Rebels - The Grand Inquisitor talking to Darth Vader
1. Vader and the Emperor have a plan.

As Vader and the Inquisitor discuss the Emperor’s orders to find any children of the Force and either capture or kill any remaining Jedi, we see a continuation of Order 66. The Emperor hasn’t given up, he’s just changed tactics.

Star Wars Rebels - Ezra talking into a comlink
2. Who’s the kid?

The moment we meet Ezra, we know we’ve met our Luke, so to speak. This Loth Rat/Trouble Maker & Imperial officer impersonator is more than we expect and immediately engaging. Also, watching him climb around Lothal makes me think of holocron searches on Tatooine rooftops in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars Rebels - Kanan looking up at Ezra
3. Jedi introduction trick.

Kanan Jarrus benefits from one of the cooler entrances in the Star Wars universe. Seen in silhouette and then the reveal, it’s all kinds of Force coolness. Add in the thigh slapping, head nodding, and casual-bomb throwing and you’ve got a great hello for pretty much everyone.

Star Wars Rebels - Zeb fighting stormtroopers

4. Anatomy of a chase.

Speeder bikes, rebels, Imps, street rats, and stolen supplies. It’s a madcap chase through the streets of Lothal full of fun, sarcasm, action, and flying stormtroopers. This still strikes me as one of the best chases in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Rebels - Hera flying the Ghost

5. Dynamic duo.

Somehow, I forgot how great a team Kanan and Hera are here. The banter in this episode is priceless and watching it over several scenes is even better.

Star Wars Rebels - Ezra

6. Ezra = Ventilation Shafts.

Ezra has become an expert at ventilation-shaft-crawling, but this is the inaugural journey and, therefore, makes the list.

Star Wars Rebels - Agent Kallus

7. The space chase.

Timing, Sabine’s tech savvy, and a lot of trust culminate in a lot of floating people in a very tight space. From the first loss of gravity to the return, so much happens! Floating, fighting, blasters firing. It’s mass chaos that somehow manages to work out in our rebels’ favor. Well, except for the part where they leave Ezra behind. But they get him back, so we’ll call it a win.

Star Wars Rebels - Zeb and Ezra arguing

8. Hera: rebel, epic pilot, and crew Mom.

Zeb wants to punch him. Sabine wants to tease him, and Kanan’s not sure exactly what he wants to do with him, but Ezra’s on guard with everyone — except Hera. Her ability to be a calming presence coupled with her dedication to a bigger cause allow Ezra to let his guard down for the first time and think about someone other than himself.

Star Wars Rebels - Kanan

9. Kanan the Jedi.

That lightsaber reveal. He has a holocron, he has a lightsaber, but Kanan Jarrus stepping up and igniting that blade is a statement. Having spent so many years denying what he was, hiding his abilities, staying under the radar, Kanan standing tall and lighting that saber is a challenge in multiple ways. Not only does it turn the fight, but he’s announced to the Empire that a Jedi lives and he’s embraced his destiny.

Star Wars Rebels - Kanan and Ezra
10. The path of the Padawan.

All throughout the episode, we see little hints and moments that there’s more to Ezra than we think. From the first time Ezra and Kanan “meet” in Lothal, Kanan senses something, but watching the clues come together is great. From the holocron opening to Ezra accepting the training, all of it is really well done.

It was hard to pick only 10 moments and I know there are other great ones (Sabine’s explosive Firebird comes to mind), so tell us what your favorite moments were in the comments!

Geek Girl Diva is a longtime Star Wars fan and a diehard Rebels lover. She also thinks Poe Dameron’s hair has magical properties.