Collecting the Galaxy: Star Wars Rebels Products Roundup

Unlike Star Wars, which launched with no merchandise upon release in 1977, there are already a plethora of new products available from Star Wars Rebels. Here’s a guide to what you can find now. Hasbro has lots of Star Wars Rebels-related products landing in stores right now, starting with the regular 3¾” action figures featuring Ezra Bridger, the Inquisitor, and Kanan Jarrus, all with five points of articulation and great sculpts. There’s also the Mission Series 2-packs of action figures, which feature two likeminded or opposing characters from the TV show, including Hera Syndulla and stormtrooper,  Zeb Orrelios  and stormtrooper, Sabine Wren and stormtrooper, and R2-D2 and C-3PO. The Phantom and the Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Interceptor are also available as part of the action figure vehicle range.  There’s also a line of 12” figures available, too. RebelsSep2014_Hasbro Star Wars fans have always been eager to act out as their favorite heroes and villains from Star Wars, and Star Wars Rebels will be no different. Hasbro has realized the signature weapon of the Inquisitor in toy form: the Inquisitor Lightsaber lets you choose which way to duel with three ways to play. Start the battle with a single blade, then attach the second blade to the special hilt for three feet of double-bladed power or, for the first time ever, launch the Force Disc for a long distance strike. There’s also a great series of role-play masks available, too. LEGO has launched two new Star Wars Rebels products: the first is the Ghost (929 pieces), featuring two cockpits, a 360-degree rotating gun turret and a docking area for The Phantom (available separately) at the rear. The ship has plenty of weaponry and includes two spring-loaded shooters, storage for spare missiles and a lightsaber, as well a cargo container holding a Holocron. It also features two escape pods for when our heroes need to flee from the Empire. As you’d expect, the four included minifigures are all brand new and come with assorted weapons — they are Kanan, Hera (the pilot of the Ghost), Zeb, and an all-new stormtrooper. RebelsSep2014_LEGO_2 The Phantom is the second new LEGO set and it’s piloted by our young Rebel hero Ezra, included as a new LEGO minifigure. Astromech droid C1-10P, commonly known as Chopper, is also included and sits in the back of the vehicle with the roof closed. The Phantom features a detachable cockpit that can store Ezra’s cadet helmet and blaster in the cargo hold. The wings unfold for flight mode, ready to launch directly into battle with the two-way spring loaded shooter that’s able to repel attacks from the front and rear. After the battle’s ended, the wings fold inwards and the Phantom can dock at the rear of the Ghost. These are both great sets that compliment one another and are sure to be a hit with collectors of all ages. RebelsSep2014_LEGO_1 Official Pix, the most trusted name in Star Wars autographs, brings us our first new official autograph offerings from the series: Vanessa Marshall and Steve Blum, who play Hera and Zeb, respectively. Each autograph is presented on an 8×10 photo that includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and are available now. In addition, Official Pix is releasing the very first officially licensed photos from Star Wars Rebels, all of which feature a holographic logo sticker and are available in a variety of sizes and price points in regular matte finish — 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20. RebelsSep2014_OfficialPix JAKKS Pacific bring us another huge 31″ figure in the form of the Inquisitor. If you prefer things a bit smaller, then how about a new 20″ scale line with three figures in the first wave, featuring Ezra (18″ tall), Kanan (19″ tall), and the all-new TIE Fighter Pilot (18″ tall). All the JAKKS Pacific figures feature 7 points or articulation. If gaming is more your thing, then Hasbro has just launched their brand new tactical game called Star Wars Command, which features characters and vehicles from Star Wars Rebels. It’s great fun to play and highly recommend — it’s also very collectible tooWonder Forge are selling a variety of dice and cards games from Star Wars Rebels, as well. Comic Images has launched a great line of plush toys from Star Wars Rebels; the first wave includes the Inquisitor, Ezra, Chopper, stormtrooper, and Zeb. RebelsSep2014_ComicImages InstaMOTION is releasing a wide range of interactive stationery featuring characters and vehicles from Star Wars Rebels, and just in time for those going back to school, various items are coming: pens, pencil cases, erasers, LCD watches, key chains, and more — some of which feature a free interactive app for Apple and Android devices. Disney is creating lots of exclusive Star Wars Rebels merchandise, including apparel, mugs, pins and more. Some of this is only available in Disney theme parks around the world, while other items are available exclusively in Disney Stores and online. Coming Soon Some Star Wars Rebels products won’t be on shelves at the show’s launch. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can look forward to in the coming months. Look for women’s apparel from Her Universe, purveyors of fantastic fan-girl fashion, in late 2014 or early 2015. The first Star Wars-themed Hot Wheels cars from Mattel speed onto shelves next month. The characters from Star Wars Rebels, including the Inquisitor and Chopper, will follow soon. RebelsSep2014_Mattel Gentle Giant is bringing out a line of exciting new maquettes based on characters from Star Wars Rebels. The first three maquettes coming are the Inquisitor (with an additional helmeted head for Premier Guild Members), Ezra and Chooper, and Zeb. They’re all available now to pre-order. Gentle Giant have told us to expect to see all the main characters from the series brought out in this line. As you can see from the list of items there’s something for everybody, no matter your age or what you collect. Happy hunting and let us know what you find in your local stores in the comments below!