Why I’m Team Dengar: A “This Is Madness” Op-Ed

He's wrapped in bandages (or something), he's just a human -- and he's completely underrated. Here's why Dengar is cool and deserves a spot in StarWars.com's character tournament.

Like every year, 2015’s “This Is Madness” is full of exciting match-ups, and one cakewalk against Jar Jar. However, 2015 is also going to need an asterisk in the record books, because how can the future winner of this tournament claim to legitimately be the most popular Star Wars character when he or she isn’t even facing one of the galaxy’s biggest names? Yes, the real madness this year: where’s Dengar?


Yes, Dengar, everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. Wait, I’m being told that title actually belongs to Boba Fett, or in some demographics, Cad Bane. Okay, fine, but Dengar is MY favorite bounty hunter, because he’s the underdog.

Bounty Hunters

Take a look at the other bounty hunters Darth Vader hires. There’s no question as to why a badass with a jetpack and wrist missiles, or a killer espresso machine, or even a barefoot lizard-man are standing on the bridge of the Executor. But a husky middle-aged dude? That’s the guy I want to know more about! His very presence raises so many fascinating questions. How did he get here? Who is he? Why is he dressed like an armored mummy? Can he even run? Is that the actor who plays Mike on Breaking Bad? Is he wearing a codpiece? Seriously, why is a bounty hunter who looks like this here instead of chasing down bail jumpers in Reno? And yet… he still made Vader’s short list. Only the best of the best do that, seeing as Vader is very particular about referrals. All of this makes Dengar a complex man, and the bounty hunter I want to follow.

Dengar TCW

And hunting bounties is Dengar’s life. He’s been doing it professionally since the Clone Wars, back when he was a just handsome young rogue… who still was trying to make bandages fashionable. By the time we meet him in Empire Strikes Back, he’s been at this game longer than Boba Fett’s been alive. Compare Dengar’s track record to, say, Greedo, a bounty hunter who made the brackets and is best known for being shot by his bounty.

Dengar and Asajj

Oh, and little known fact: Dengar is a ladies man. Only dapper Dengar would dare to flirt with Asajj Ventress in the middle of a major heist while looking like he’s suffering from a massive head wound. I mean, she didn’t ultimately give him her number, but he still went for it!

Dengar is a grizzled, complicated mystery of a man wrapped up in… okay, I’m still not sure what’s up with those bandages. But if Dengar is good enough to hunt Han Solo and be voiced by Simon Pegg, then he’s good enough to compete in This Is Madness. I mean, Bib Fortuna made the brackets and he just keeps Jabba’s appointment book! Every tournament needs an underdog, and they don’t come more under or dog than good ol’ Dengar.

Dengar Toy

Brendan Hay has written for Robot Chicken, The Simpsons, and was the head writer of Star Wars Detours. He has loved Star Wars longer than he can remember and wishes he still had the Cloud City Micro Collection playset. Follow him on Twitter at @B_Hay for more geeky humor and pro-Dengar stances.