Toy Empire: Captain Phasma Figure and Collectible Roundup!

Looking to add a certain shiny-cool First Order stormtrooper to your collection? Check out's guide to Captain Phasma toys and collectibles!

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I am one of those individuals who found myself driving from store to store in the middle of the night on Force Friday, frantically tracking down as many of the new characters in action figure form that I could find! Can you blame me? With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens drawing ever so near, merchandise from the galaxy far, far away is already beginning to flood stores. Fans like myself who have been hungry for new action figures and collectibles from the franchise that we love are excitedly seeking them out and spending our hard earned money.

As both a Star Wars fan and toy collector, I couldn’t be more excited right now. We’re starting to see so many new characters enter the Star Wars universe…characters that we don’t really know anything about yet! But that’s exactly what makes it so fun! The mystery behind these new aliens and the excitement surrounding the new heroes and villains is what Star Wars is all about.

One character specifically has already captured the imagination of myself and many others. The silver armor-clad female stormtrooper known as Captain Phasma has already become one of the most popular characters from The Force Awakens, and we don’t yet even know how big of a role she will play. She’s having what I like to call the “Boba Fett Effect” on fans: we don’t know much of anything about her, but she sure looks cool!

Needless to say, she has already been a very popular character in the toy aisles, and I have made it my personal mission to find every plastic version of the character I can find. So to help you on your quest for all things Phasma, here’s a listing of some very cool Captain Phasma toys that are already in stores.

Captain Phasma 3 3/4” action figure by Hasbro: We’ve got to start off with the classics. Star Wars toys have dominated the toy aisles since the original trilogy, and the mainstay was always the 3 3/4” scale action figures. Hasbro continues on with a new series featuring five points of articulation and character specific accessories. This one is perfect for kids and kid-at-heart collectors alike!

Captain Phasma 6” Black Series figure by Hasbro: Hasbro’s Black Series line is aimed at the serious collector. Each action figure stands around 6” tall and features multiple points of articulation and detailed sculpts. If you prefer the ability to pull off some more dynamic poses for your display, then this is the Phasma you are looking for.

Pop! Captain Phasma by Funko: Funko’s line of stylized vinyl figures have been a massive hit with fans. With brand new figures based on The Force Awakens, we can now add a very fun-looking Phasma complete with a large bobble head and a Star Wars display base to our ever-growing Pop! collections!

Captain Phasma 20” action figure by Jakks Pacific: Are you looking for something a little more epic in scale? Then this one’s for you! Standing at nearly two-feet-tall, this Captain Phasma features seven points of articulation, a cloth cape, a blaster, and is quite imposing!

Elite Captain Phasma die-cast action figure from The Disney Store: The Disney Store launched their very own exclusive line of collectible Star Wars action figures based on the entire saga, including The Force Awakens. Elite Captain Phasma stands nearly 7” tall and features a very heft die-cast metal body, giving her a very special and highly collectible feel.

With so many toy options already available, and certainly more to come, you could build yourself a whole army of silver-clad, kick-butt Captain Phasmas! Who wouldn’t want that?!

Until next time!

“Pixel Dan” Eardley is a reviewer, reporter, and all-around toy enthusiast. Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, Dan enjoyed a variety of popular toys including Star Wars, among many others. His love of toys has followed him into his adult life where he continues to collect toys both new and old. Through his popular videos on his YouTube channel, with over 100,000 subscribers, Dan shares his enthusiasm for the collecting hobby with the world.