Tough Talk from a Jedi Master in This Is Madness


A narrow victory for a princess over her mother. Best (droid) friends torn apart. And a Sith Lord commanding citizens to support him via holographic transmission. This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament has featured many intriguing storylines, and with today’s start of Duel of the Eights, the conference semi-finals, more epic battles are coming.

Vaunted Jedi Master Yoda takes on Obi-Wan Kenobi today, but has already defeated two tough opponents, including his pupil, Luke Skywalker, a.k.a. the galaxy’s new hope. The Emperor’s “little green friend” is very satisfied with his victory, it seems.

“A glass of blue milk I had during my matchup with young Skywalker,” said Yoda, communing from an undisclosed location. “Because a piece of cake, it was. A slimy mudhole he once called my home. A lesson, young Skywalker was taught.” The exiled Jedi has opinions on other battles in the tournament, and he doesn’t mince words.

“For Obi-Wan over Solo, I did root,” said the one-time leader of the Jedi Council. “And finish the job for once, Kenobi did. Plus, not many visitors except the spirit of Obi-Wan, do I receive.” But the elder Jedi Master must now take on his fellow Order 66 survivor in the final eight, which will surely be an emotional challenge. “Difficult to face such an old friend, it is,” the always brown-robes wearing Master continued. “But not that difficult. Just imagine he is the Emperor, I will. Obi-Win, he will not.”

The competition among the Dark Side conference is equally fierce, and the former Master of Count Dooku has some thoughts on his galaxy’s villains, as well. “This year, strong the Dark Side is,” said Master Yoda. “Difficult to see, the future is. But expect Boba Fett to advance far, I do.” He does see a possible wildcard in the bracketed competition, however. “Ironic support, Jabba the Hutt may receive,” Yoda declared. “The Sanjaya of the tournament, he could be. Sanjabba, if you will.” The 900-year-old Jedi then paused in contemplative meditation. “Date myself with that reference, I did.”

And what of Emperor Palpatine? Does the Jedi Master feel any hesitation at the prospects of a rematch with the galaxy’s most powerful Sith, should it come to that? “Fear him, I do not. Lucky he was, when first we met,” said the Jedi. “An off-night, I was having. And studied tape on the Emperor, I have. Ready, I will be.”

Voting for This Is Madness takes place every day. The winner of the tournament will be announced April 9.