The Playlist: A Guide to the Legendary Darksaber

Follow the story of an ancient, one-of-a-kind Jedi weapon.

For Star Wars fans who want a better understanding of various topics, there can be a lot of material to wade through. In The Playlist, we’ll curate select installments of Star Wars that will give you that greater understanding of a specific topic. Consider it your own Jedi Archives — or cheat sheet for your Jedi midterms.

The Darksaber is a fabled weapon in the world of Star Wars and has been a symbol of Mandalorian power for generations. When it first appeared in the Star Wars timeline, it was a stunning weapon of mystery and power. Now, we know it to be so much more.

Here is your guide to one of the most unique lightsabers in the Star Wars mythos.

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“The Mandalore Plot” – Season 2, Episode 12; “Voyage of Temptation” – Season 2, Episode 13; “Duchess of Mandalore” – Season 2, Episode 14) — In its first appearance, the Darksaber is wielded by Pre Vizsla, the leader of Death Watch, a splinter group of Mandalorians.

2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“A Friend in Need” – Season 4, Episode 14) — The next time we see the Darksaber, Pre Vizsla wields it against Ahsoka Tano.

3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (“Revival” – Season 5, Episode 1; “Eminence” – Season 5, Episode 14; “Shades of Reason” – Season 5 Episode 15; “The Lawless” – Season 5, Episode 16) — The Darksaber changes owners, and it is an important turning point in the weapon’s story. It also doesn’t hurt that these are four of the best episodes of The Clone Wars ever made.

4. Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir  This four-issue comics series shows us what Darth Maul is capable of doing with the sword, but he’s got much larger problems.

5. Star Wars Rebels (“Visions and Voices” – Season 3, Episode 11) — Once more, the Darksaber changes owners, and the ramifications for Mandalore and the rebellion are massive.

6. Star Wars Rebels (“Trials of the Darksaber” – Season 3 Episode 15; “Legacy of Mandalore” – Season 3, Episode 16) — Finally, we learn the origins of the Darksaber and watch as Sabine Wren is trained to wield it. Then she begins the process of uniting Mandalore under its power.

Important Note: This Darksaber shouldn’t be confused with the 1995 Star Wars novel Darksaber, written by Kevin J. Anderson. In that now-Legends novel, the Darksaber was a new Death Star-like super laser that was names as such because of its resemblance to a lightsaber hilt.

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