SWCVI: An Hour With Anthony Daniels


Throughout the six Star Wars films there has been a constant, and that person is Anthony Daniels, the actor who portrayed C-3PO.  On day two of Star Wars Celebration Mr. Daniels did his “An Hour with Anthony Daniels” show.  I call it a show and not a panel because that is exactly what it was, an amazing show.  I had the privilege to see him host Star Wars in Concert but that was a scripted performance.  When you give Anthony Daniels a microphone and a giant crowd with no script, it is a whole different type of show.

The show started out with Anthony Daniels entering the theater from the back entrance and working his way through the crowd.  He stopped and talked to various fans as he made his way to the stage.  He had a microphone the whole time and was making jokes with his dry yet perfectly timed humor.  At one point when the cheering had started to die down he said, “Why did you stop cheering? I’m not on stage yet.”


There was no host for this show and there didn’t need to be.  Mr. Daniels was perfectly content running the show on his own.  Once he made it to the stage he asked the crowd if anyone was a Star Wars expert.  He began to pull people from the crowd one by one and bringing them onto stage.  He tested their knowledge by having them give him facts about Star Wars.  The one fan said that Boba Fett had escaped the Sarlacc Pit.  Daniels’ response was, “Boba Fett didn’t die in the Sarlacc Pit? I’m sorry.  I was there.” He pulled a total of seven people on stage (including someone in a very convincing C-3PO costume and a young boy who basically sneaked on stage) he gave each of them their own seat and a microphone.  He called them his panel of experts.


Once he had his panel in place he wandered the crowd and asked audience members if they had questions for the experts.  Fans asked questions like “Why didn’t Uncle Owen recognize C-3PO?” Sometimes Daniels would throw the question to the experts and sometimes he would just speculate himself.  It was all very lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek and completely hilarious.

One funny moment came when Daniels kneeled next to the little boy on stage and asked him why he liked Star Wars.  The boy’s reply was “I’m not sure.”  Daniels feigned shock and then asked the boy who his favorite character was.  Daniels hovered right in front of the boy’s face hinting at the correct answer. “Boba Fett” the boy said, to laughter and applause from the crowd.


Daniels was energetic the entire time and really put on a great show.  He went into his C-3PO voice a few times and reminisced about his time in the metal suit.  There were even some clips played of interviews with other actors who had worked with him on the prequels where they talked about seeing him as a film icon.  It was very touching.  But in true Anthony Daniels style he put the attention back on the fans and said he wouldn’t be where he was today if it wasn’t for the loyal fans of Star Wars.  He ended the panel by saying, “Thank you not only for today but thank you for the past 37 years of my life.”

No, thank you Mr. Daniels.

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