Special Modifications Made to the IOS Star Wars App

There are Emojis!

It was bound to happen. Already as versatile as everyone’s favorite blue-and-white astromech and with more compartments than a Swiss Army knife, the new Star Wars app is about to get a whole lot better. The latest update includes emojis, bug fixes, emojis, improved soundboards, and emojis. Did we mention emojis? See them all below.

  • Emojis featuring characters from all Star Wars films and animated series, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels
  • New quotes and sound effects have been added to the Soundboard
  • Bug fix for Force Trainer
  • Fun polls and quizzes from StarWars.com are now available in the News Feed
  • Weather will default to your last search if you choose to turn location tracking off
  • New hologram toggle has been added to the Augmented Reality feature.
  • The Augmented Reality target poster and instructions are now accessible in the news ticker. See it for yourself here.
  • All videos are now viewable in landscape mode
  • Plus more

Get the updated Star Wars app now on the App Store. Update coming soon for Android devices.

Star Wars Emojis

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