Ranking Rebels: 10 Highlights From “Always Two There Are”

Enter the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister!

What do you do when you have more thoughts about Star Wars Rebels than you know what to do with? Make a list of your favorite moments — in no particular order, because that might fry your circuits. Welcome to Ranking Rebels.

Our crew may have thought their troubles with Inquisitors ended when the Grand Inquisitor died at the end of Season One, but this episode is quick to remind us “Always Two There Are.” Here are my 10 favorite moments from the episode!


1. Just like family.

Rex is settling in on the Ghost with pretty much everyone, save for Kanan, who’s getting a little tense about Rex’s “suggestions” regarding Ezra’s training. Not that he’s wrong. Ezra really should have looked with his eyes as well as the Force, especially knowing how much Sabine, Rex, and Chopper like to mess with him.


2. All you clone base are belong to us.

Lights on or lights off, powered up or not, this old Clone Wars-era medical base is just downright spooky and Chopper’s telling that to anyone who’ll listen. Ezra, it turns out, can understand him. That’s a new development. Zeb, sadly, still only hears beeps. Everyone’s already jumpy, but poor Chopper really doesn’t like being left alone in the dark.


3. If there a snake, they would have bitten them.

Zeb and Ezra arguing about who’s going to find medical supplies first when they’re standing right in front of the medical supplies goes to show that these two are far too distracted. Everything’s a competition with them. Ezra walking head first into a beam after talking about how he’s always alert is a cherry on the sundae.


4. E.T. x Rebels?

The scream moment between Chopper and the Seventh Sister’s ID9 droid looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

5. The Seventh Sister’s big reveal.

This new Inquisitor is a shock to everyone, and she uses that shock and her droids to her advantage as she separates Ezra and Sabine from Chopper and Zeb.

6. Oh great, there’s two of them!

Well, it is sort of great. Two of them means double the danger but it also means we get to see more of the dynamic between the Inquisitors.


7. “I don’t wanna die this way! I’m the last of my kind.”

This is, hands down, one of my top 10 lines of the series. Poor Zeb’s been stuck up there this whole time. Y’know, just hanging around.


8. The spider and the fly.

When the Seventh Sister interrogates Ezra, we learn why she’s taken Ezra and we see a hint of his growing maturity as he backtalks and manages his fear. Even when she brings up Ahsoka, Ezra keeps his cool. His conversation with Sabine once the Fifth Brother brings her in is another sign of how they’ve both grown. It’s most evident when “Commander Meiloorun” messages on the comm and Sabine pretends to fight back so Ezra can be seen as capitulating. Both of them play their part so well.


9. Keep you chin up.

It’s Zeb with the escape route as he maneuvers the Phantom to shoot at the Inquisitors (with some fancy flying, considering the tight space!) It’s close, and both Inquisitors almost manage to keep them from escaping, but Sabine’s blaster is enough of a distraction that they get away.


10. “Kanan, they knew about Ahsoka.”

Kanan is suddenly rocked with a one-two punch as he learns about the new Inquisitors and what they ultimately want. Watching them as the reality of the danger sinks in is heart-wrenching.

Those were my moments for this week’s episode. Tell me what your favorite moments were in the comments and may the Force be with you!

Geek Girl Diva is a longtime Star Wars fan and a diehard Rebels lover. She also thinks Poe Dameron’s hair has magical properties.