Holidays On Ice


December 25th – provided that the world has not ended per the Mayan calendar – I’ll be flying to Hoth.

More specifically, I’ll be flying to Cordova, Alaska for the holidays, where I used to live before I came to work at Lucasfilm. It will be dark and cold and icy, and some of my dearest friends will be there. Somehow my Alaska friends carry on at full speed no matter how far the mercury drops down or the snow piles up. I used to be president of ye old Star Wars Online Fan Club when I lived there – a long time ago before was even born yet.


Somewhere in upstate New York, Peter Tatara, who is my close colleague at ReedPOP, working on Star Wars Celebration Europe, will likely fight cold nights and short days as well. The days will be a little longer than Alaska days, but not a whole lot.

We have chilly adventures and good times with friends and family to look forward to, but do you know what we talked about today? How we were going to keep quietly working on Star Wars Celebration Europe even though we were supposed to be on holiday. (Shhh! Don’t tell Peter’s mom!) Today we talked masquerades and evening events and floor plans and more. It’s hard to stop planning, partly because it’s going to be a really big show and there’s a lot to do, but maybe even more because we both really love working on it.

Speaking of Celebration Europe, be assured that all systems are GO. Lately a few folks have been contacting me, asking if Star Wars Celebration Europe is still happening. Absolutely! They’re asking because they’ve noticed we’ve moved some dates back on the website.

I’m really glad to see that people keep tabs on Most of the questions are from people hoping for media passes, or who are looking forward to entering the Costume Masquerade at the show. We have moved those registration dates back, because ticket sales are not yet live.

Fear not! No dark side forces are afoot!  Celebration Europe plans are going forward at full speed, holiday or no holiday. The holdups on the website have happened because it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to get ticket sales live, and that’s what we’re waiting on before we make the other registrations live. We’ve almost got that worked out, so stay poised to jump on tickets and sign up for other Celebration fun early in 2013.

Meanwhile, I’m packing my sorels (if you “Lower ‘48” folks don’t know what those are, there’s always Google) and snowshoes and work computer and a few floorplans. Happy Holidays, and I look forward to celebrating with you in 2013.


Photos of Hoth Cordova, Alaska by Mary Franklin.