Finding the Right Job for IG-88 in Vader’s Little Princess

When I started working on Vader’s Little Princess, I wanted to come up with a bit more than a hundred ideas, from which we’d select the favorites to include in the book. Some of these ideas were taking parenting situations and fitting them into a Star Wars scene, and some were characters or bits of dialogue that I wanted to include and just needed to find the right parenting scenario to fit with them. I loved drawing IG-88 in Darth Vader and Son, and wanted to draw him again, as well as seeing if I could figure out a way to include Vader’s “no disintegrations” line. My first idea was Vader using IG-88 to deliver flowers to his daughter. The initial sketch wasn’t quite finished, but I thought I could refine it to make it work better.


My editor at Lucasfilm, J.W. Rinzler, suggested switching the idea to Vader sending IG-88 to check in on Han and Leia while they were on a date. That didn’t seem quite right to me (and I thought we had enough Han/Leia dating ideas) but that suggestion immediately brought to my mind the idea of IG-88 being a babysitter for Luke and Leia instead.


This is my favorite kind of editorial help, just the right input to push the idea somewhere new. I penciled up a new version, and was glad that I didn’t have to cut IG-88’s appearance out of the book.


Jeffrey Brown is the creator of Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess and has been drawing Star Wars since he was a kid.

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