We Need That Scum: A Guide to Bossk Collecting

From mail-away to racing car, a series of scaly Bossk merchandising

Introduced in The Empire Strikes Back in the short but memorable scene on the Executor, Bossk was one of the few non-human characters in the movie. The Trandoshan also had a cameo in Return of the Jedi, but it wasn’t until the nineties that he (and his fellow bounty hunters) truly entered Star Wars stardom. West End Games created a background for Bossk that was later expanded, last but certainly not least in Star Wars: The Clone Wars where Bossk made several appearances. In more than three decades a lot of merchandise has been produced about Bossk that will enable you to set-up a nice collection of Bossk goodies only. Who still dares to comment that bounty hunters are scum?

3.75” Action Figures
Most fans of vintage Kenner toys know that Boba Fett was available as a mail-away before The Empire Strikes Back was released, but so was Bossk. He was announced as a “secret action figure” in 1979 and you were able to get him in a white mailer box with four proofs-of-purchase. Carded Bossk appeared in the first wave of Episode V and was also released on Jedi and Tri-logo cards. The vintage figure has a few variations and features quite some nice details. Its spacesuit is well sculpted and it comes with a unique weapon.

Vintage Bossk Action Figures

Hasbro continued to produce 3.75” Bossk-figures, starting in 1997 with the first modern Bossk in the ‘Power of the Force II’-line, one of the best figures of its time. Two others followed (2004 and 2007) with additional details and articulation. Bossk’s appearance in The Clone Wars was rewarded with a super articulated figure, included in ‘The Rise of Boba Fett’ set (2010). The most recent 3.75” figure (now with only 5 points of articulation) was released in a Mission Pack with IG-88 early in 2015.

Beside the standard sized-3.75” figures, there have also been many larger figures of Bossk. In 2000 Hasbro released the first 1:6 scale Bossk in their ‘Power of the Jedi’-line. This figure was more than decent, but it’s no match against the much more detailed and beautifully sculpted 12” figure from Sideshow Collectibles (2012). The exclusive Sideshow edition even came with an additional snarling head. One year later Gentle Giant released their Jumbo Kenner Bossk, an enlarged copy of the vintage action figure. This 12” figure can be displayed on his blister or loose without having to damage the packaging. Announced at the latest New York Toy Fair was the 18” Bossk from JAKKS Pacific, the largest Bossk figure to date. Hasbro is planning to release two more Bossks in 2015. The first one will be a beautiful 6” rendition of the Trandoshan in the Black Series line. The second figure will add Bossk (with five digits instead of three …) to the newly announced ‘Hero Mashers’ line for kids.

Larger Bossk Action FigureBossk may not have drunk a ‘drink me’ potion to make him smaller, there are nevertheless a lot of small figurines available of the bounty hunter. Galoob Toys made three small Bossk-figures in the Micro Machines line. One was part of the Bounty Hunter character set and another was included with the opening Bossk mini head (part of Collection V). A third Bossk was released in Battle Pack # 4 with a dewback and four other figures in the Action Fleet line.

Roleplaying miniatures from Bossk were made by West End Games and several times by Wizards of the Coast. DeAgostini even turned him into a chess piece (2012) and also released him as a separate six centimeter tall figure in their Figurine Collection series (issue 57). Danish toy giant LEGO released the lizardly bounty hunter in 2010 and 2011 as a part of the 8097 Slave I and the 10221 Super Star Destroyer sets. The LEGO Bossk mini figure is also available as a key chain.

Bossk figures

Although Hasbro’s main line has always been the 3.75”, Bossk has become a steady client in Hasbro’s sub lines of smaller figures. He has appeared in the Galactic Heroes (2004), Attacktix (2006), Fighter Pods (2012), Titanium (2006) and Unleashed Battle Pack (2008) lines. As a Galactic Hero, Bossk was either sold with 4-LOM or separately. In the Unleashed Battle Pack line, he was packed with Boba, 4-LOM and IG-88.

Other Bossk-figures include a PVC figure from Applause (1998), a Japanese Kubrick (2003), a Vinylmation (2014), a Funko Wacky Wobblehead (2008), a Might Mugg (2009), a matryoshka doll from Unbox Industries (2014) and a Hallmark ornament (2011) for Christmas. The most recent addition is Funko Pop! Bossk (2014).

Of statues, vinyl and busts
If you’re more into luxury items Bossk doesn’t disappoint either. Gentle Giant released a magnificent mini-bust of Bossk in 2004 (and a similarly sculpted bust up). In the same year Hasbro included the Trandoshan into their Unleashed line. Remarkable was the very active sculpt of the Unleashed figure, as was the beautiful art on the packaging. Sideshow Collectibles offered the most expensive Bossk merchandising until today in 2007: an amazingly sculpted life size bust (with an amazing price tag as well). Two other beautiful, but different renditions of the bounty hunter were made by Kotobukiya (2008) and Gentle Giant (2010). Kotobukiya’s Bossk (12”) was part of the bounty hunter ensemble from The Empire Strikes Back and each figure contained an extra part to build Darth Vader. Gentle Giant made a great statue from Bossk based on his appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This animated maquette was a Celebration V exclusive.


Bossk Statues

Most merchandising that has been made about Bossk comes in the form of a figure or a statue. But a few diverse items can be found to add other pieces of Bossk to your collection as well. In the vintage years there wasn’t much Bossk merchandising beside the occasional sticker or poster (he did appear in several Marvel issues, though). Topps Chewing Gum released a small, but neat candy holder made from Bossk’s reptilian head in 1980. Bossk even got turned into a racing car in the Disney Racers line (2012). The Bossk dragster was a Signature Series vehicle, personally designed (and sometimes autographed) by Dave Filoni. Finally, Rubie’s has produced an adult luxury mask and Bossk’s peculiar forearms and hands.

Lifesize Bossk

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Tim Veekhoven (Sompeetalay) from Belgium is president and co founder of TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars fanclub. He has contributed to Star Wars Insider (Rogues Gallery) and has written four character back stories for ‘What’s the Story?’.