ANOVOS’ TIE Fighter Pilot Costume and Darth Vader Helmet – First Look!

Get an exclusive sneak peek at new screen-accurate costume replicas!

Now you can bring order to the galaxy, and look good doing it. is excited to reveal two new Empire-approved costuming products from ANOVOS: the TIE fighter pilot costume and Darth Vader’s helmet and mask. Both designs are among the most iconic in all of Star Wars, and are based directly on official imagery and artifacts found in the Lucasfilm Archives.

TIE Fighter Pilot Costume


Ensemble Includes:

  • Helmet with finished, lined interior and adjustable helmet suspension rig.
  • Built-in environmental/air system in helmet for comfort.
  • Bubble lenses installed in helmet.
  • Chest armor and chest box, with flexible hoses that plug into helmet.
  • Back armor.
  • Leather belt with metal belt buckle.
  • 100% polyester black jumpsuit, with pockets and zip-front. Silk-screened Imperial emblem on jumpsuit.
  • Faux leather gloves.

Note: Boots and life-size TIE fighter are not included due to current licensing agreement.

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Darth Vader Helmet and Mask

Available as a standalone item, Darth Vader’s helmet and mask are a follow-up to ANOVOS’ previously release full Vader costume. Although the helmet does not include the air-circulating fans available with the full costume, it is still meant to be worn and has a fully-lined interior with breathable mesh, and an adjustable suspension rig. Detailed forehead greeblies are also visible when the dome is removed, giving the impression of a functional cybernetic mask as revealed in Return of the Jedi. The helmet also features the unique self-aligning dome that is secured with magnets.

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