Toy Empire: Star Wars Toys at Disneyland

Make your own droid, build a wall of Chewbacca tsum tsums, and much more!

Toy Empire is a column that examines modern Star Wars collectibles by theme, from characters to audience. If you need a guide for your own bounty hunting, look no further.

Star Wars-themed land, the newest expansion of the Disney parks, is currently under construction! Soon, fans will have a whole new area of the popular theme parks that promises to make it feel like you’ve stepped right into the films we love. But even though we’re still a few years away from experiencing the wonders of a Star Wars-themed land, that doesn’t mean there isn’t already plenty of fun to be had with that galaxy far, far away!

Disney and Star Wars have always gone hand in hand, with the Force always having a presence at both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Currently, Disneyland is celebrating The Season of the Force, fitting the Tomorrowland section of the park with a Star Wars theme. Space Mountain is temporarily called Hyperspace Mountain, putting you right in the middle of a dogfight between X-wings and TIE fighters. The restaurants have Star Wars food items, such as a black-bunned “First Order” burger. Oh yeah, and there’s a ton of exclusive merchandise!

If you want some cool Star Wars items that you can’t get anywhere else, then you want to hit up a store right next to the Star Tours attraction known as Star Traders. Inside, your eyes will drift up towards the ceiling, where you’ll find a massive X-wing hanging over everyone shopping below. Then you’ll soon find yourself gawking at all of the amazing T-shirts, mugs, lanyards, pins, and so much more.

And of course, there are a lot of exclusive Star Wars toys. Toys that you will only find here at the Disney parks. There were so many that I could have easily loaded up an entire new suitcase without batting an eye. Here are a few of the cool exclusive toys that caught my eye.


If you are a Disney fan, there’s a good chance you know exactly what Vinylmation is. This series of 3” vinyl mini figures are shaped like Mickey Mouse, but feature a paint job that is often times that of other characters throughout Disney’s family, Marvel Comics, and yes…Star Wars. Many of these can only be found at Disney parks, and they come in blind boxes, most of the time, making it quite a challenge to collect them all.

Micro Figure Blind Bags

Speaking of blind-packaged toys, another staple of the Disney parks are these bags that contain three 2” micro figures. You’ll find these all around the park, with bags containing many different figures to collect from Disney movies, cartoons, theme park attractions, and so on. The Star Wars-themed bags offer up several characters from all of the various films, including The Force Awakens. And while those character figures are always a blast to pull from the bags, I found myself most excited by the small Mickey-themed astromech droid named R2-MK. How cool is that?

Tsum Tsum

Like Vinylmation, Tsum Tsum has become a staple at the Disney parks. These funny, little, bean-shaped plush characters were impressively stacked on top of one another and covered an entire wall within the store. Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2, stormtroopers, and even Boba Fett are among the characters you’re able to pick up at the park. They are all fun, but Chewbacca is where it’s at. Just look at that face!

Star Tours

The Star Tours ride is an absolutely amazing experience. It’s easily one of my favorite rides in the park. After riding it, I knew I wanted to bring a piece home to commemorate my ride. Luckily, there are some great Star Tours items to pick up from the shop, including my personal favorite: a 1/64 scale replica of the ship from the ride! This vehicle is around the size of your average Hot Wheels or Matchbox car, and is the perfect souvenir toy.

Disney Racers

Staying with the car theme, Disney has their own park exclusive line called Disney Racers. These cars feature really great designs that resemble many popular Disney characters. Within Star Traders, you’ll find many Star Wars-styled Disney Racers. I absolutely love the designs of these. Darth Vader, R2-D2, and C-3PO look really great turned into a toy car! But the piece in this collection that is easily my favorite is the Darth Vader carry case! Any long-time collector will notice that this is an obvious homage to the old Kenner action figure carry case. It even comes with a few exclusive Disney Racers to carry inside!

Droid Factory

Now this is hands down my favorite Star Wars toy currently available at the Disney parks. Located inside of Star Traders is a large station filled with astromech droid pieces. You dig through these little bins and pick a base body, a dome, legs, and even a fun little hat to make your very own custom droid! There are a lot of options here, with several body and leg colors and different shaped domes. The hats are the best, though. If you want to do so, you can top off your newly created droid with a pair of Mickey Ears, a Goofy hat, an Imperial officer’s hat, or even Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears!

If that isn’t already fun enough, once finished you’re given a cool clamshell package to place your droid in. This package comes with a sheet of letter stickers so that you can name the droid and put that name on the packaging, making him feel official! Once your new droid or droids are home, they will fit right in with the rest of your Hasbro 3.75” action figures. Seriously, this is one fun exclusive to grab at the Disney parks.

I already loved the Disney theme parks. But with the ever growing presence of my all-time favorite movie franchise in Star Wars, I love the Disney parks even more! The experiences with the attractions and the overall atmosphere do not compare to anything else. And if you’re a collector like me, then the shopping will have you even more excited. And broke. But at least we’ll get new toys out of it.

Until next time!

“Pixel Dan” Eardley is a reviewer, reporter, and all-around toy enthusiast. Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, Dan enjoyed a variety of popular toys including Star Wars, among many others. His love of toys has followed him into his adult life where he continues to collect toys both new and old. Through his popular videos on his YouTube channel, with over 100,000 subscribers, Dan shares his enthusiasm for the collecting hobby with the world.

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