The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Video Game Re-creations

Star Wars Uncut video games

I love Star Wars video games.

Growing up, I played all the Super Nintendo games and a laundry list of others. I think my favorites are Super Star Wars,  Star Wars: Dark Forces, and Star Wars Galaxies…which I played for three months straight, earning galaxy currency as an interior decorator (best job I’ve ever had). I loved playing the games because you were immediately able to enter the Star Wars universe. Plus, the John Williams soundtrack accompanied almost every game, so everything felt extra-epic.

It feels very appropriate that many fans are similarly inspired by video game styles for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. Check out some of our favorite gamer mashups of Empire scenes submitted by Uncut contributors from around the world.

The epic asteroid field chase is even more perfect as Brian P.’s take on classic arcade games (including, of course, Asteroids):

Luke and Vader battle in a very Nintendo-looking setup for this scene, complete with button pushing action!

The video game reference from Peter Kimball Evans is a little more subtle in this scene. Turns out Captain Lennox loves gaming:

Neon accents? Yup. You know where this awesomely designed scene got its inspiration:

Watch all the new scenes rolling in to The Empire Strikes Back Uncut and claim yours, quick!

Casey Pugh is the creator of the Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut and cofounder of VHX. He likes interactive video experiences, Boba Fett, and meat sandwiches. Follow him @caseypugh.

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