SWCVI: “The Imperial Dogs” Prop Crew Mission Report


“Many Star Wars fans will come to Celebration VI? … Personally?? … THEN we will DOUBLE our efforts!!!” For us, It doesn’t take an emperor visiting his Death Star construction site as motivation, we just do our very best for all the fans!

Today I’ll take you with me, to the very heart of our team… the prop workshop. Dusty hangars which many of the crew have almost called ‘home’ for the last couple of months…

Actual status of the preparation’s… You’d HONESTLY like to know that???

We are in the middle of a little horror trip! Last week a few of our team deployed some props at the Paris comic con when disaster stroked our home base. The main workshop got completely flooded by a serious thunderstorm and the remaining prop crew needed about 24 hours to secure the parts in construction, make sure the tools are safe and… clean up the mess.

Fortunately a few of the props scheduled for Celebration VI that were on the Paris mission were safe and sound but the rest experienced some water damage, and our work schedule was thrown backwards… in other words: MORE sleepless nights.

So we’ve got wet feet… SO WHAT! That won’t stop us!

A few sections of the newly re-created Falcon Tunnel got harmed, but as they were still under construction it was only a small issue to clean up and continue the work. The newly created chess corner was unharmed and the new electric system in the control panels stayed functional.

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The AT-AT (signed by Mr. George Lucas during Celebration V) had already been improved during the last weeks. The basic statics and structure had been re-enforced to maintain perfect stability of this 21 Ft. high monster. By the way, Julian Glover (aka General Veers) also autographed the AT-AT  at a convention in Europe. We’re now hunting down the two AT-AT drivers, to complete the signing… although it would be awesome if the man who brought the Walker down would also spend a minute to add his signature… Mr. Mark Hamill, would you mind sharing a minute with us at the Walker at CVI???

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At CV, Mr. Lucas also spontaneously created a new name for our crew, ‘The imperial Dogs’ during his signing session of the AT-AT… by now we proudly use it as insider nickname, but we sure will come out with it on our future crew material!

Material… workshops… right… back to the topic…

Our second prop team, Prospectors Squad, located in another town and another hangar is still working on their latest ‘set evolution’. Some of you may remember the Jabba set from CV?

Well… the slimy gangster boss will be back in the house, or maybe I should say he will BRING his house to Celebration VI!

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You will discover a full set, including live animations, and you all should know that Jabba likes to be entertained! The Prospectors are also working day and night to make this part of our presentations something you will never forget!

Back in the ‘Dragons Hangar’ we completed the target list for Celebration VI, and like we’re feared already, this will be a very tough run.

A fast checkup on the Snowspeeder, Speederbike and Endor set and the E-web and then full focus back to the new set.

A small ‘teaser’ about what we’re creating:

Imagine, you are a Rebel or Imperial pilot that just got blown out of his cockpit… enemy fire can be a drag! Still your guy’s picked you out of space… feeling good? You WILL appreciate our treatment…

Or maybe some villainous Sith suddenly claims to be your father…  and because you didn’t believe it… he just got excited and cut of your hand… OUCH! Well… there can be only one to fix this…

Here a photo collage of workshop snapshots of our new Celebration VI set!

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All this happened the last couple of days! Next time some more news about loading and shipping our props from Europe to Orlando!


Stefan & the Belgian Star Wars Prop Crew

Star Wars Celebration VI is coming to Orlando, Florida on August 23-26. Join the party that brings together fans of all ages to celebrate the pop culture phenomenon that is Star Wars.

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